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A toy for our 3 month old child( I am the Grandfather) to keep her attention drawn by using Sound and Light embedded in an ikea flower. This was mounted on her basinet . It uses an arduino decimillia microcontroller board, Bipolar ( red & Green)LEDs RGB Leds, a speaker and Infrared RC5 reciever and a battery.
When the babys attention is tpo be drawn the TV remote control is pointed to the flower and a key is pressed. The LEds flash and a Musical tune starts off. After the tune is over if the Remote key is pressed another sequence of lights operation and a different Musical tune is played. Further it is desired to add a condensor microphone(electret) to trigger the action whenever the baby cried.
I along with My wife are on a visit to My Daughter and Son in Laws place in the US. They were blessed with a daughter on Dec 16 2008. I put together my professional skills of embedded systems right from designing, procuring on line the material and buiding this eGILAKA. Before starting this in thier house I had nothing available here except the desire, the skill and the encouragement. This could be an example of starting an embedded system development laboratory from scratch.This work was inspired by grand daughter Mahati and God bless her..

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Step 1:

'The Flower with LEDs on the bi polar LEDS on the petal and RGB LED at the center'''''

Step 2:

The complete flower

Step 3:

The arduino board

Step 4:

All together-the flower +The Drive interface + Arduino Board
The Brown colored prototyping board is on facing the carpet and has the drive for LEDs and the speaker. The board is having two connectors single in line female headers one is 16 pin the other one also is 16 pin. The arduino board sits directly on top of it that is why the bottom side of the arduino board is visible to us. On the left side is the connector for 9V battery. On the Right side is the TSOP1738 sensor for recieving and decoding the RC5 infra red transmission.

Step 5:

video of the entire setup

Step 6:

Baby Mahati with Her eGILAKA- e for electronics and GILAKA in telugu language meaning a toy for creating sound and visuals mechanically

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Your granddaughter is adorable, and she is so cute in the movie. Thank you for sharing the Instructable, and May God bless your granddaughter as well.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just noticed a typo on this page.
    They were blessed with a daughter on Dec 16 2009.
    I believe you meant 2008.

    Thanks for the Instructable. I've been thinking about doing something similar myself, but alas, I waited too long and now my youngest doesn't have any need for something like this.

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Heaps, I will rectify the typo right away. - i am glad my granddaughter has not yet learnt to read.ha ha.