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Introduction: Baked Brie

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This easy and delicious 10-minute baked brie recipe is the perfect appetizer to serve at a dinner party if you want to impress and please your guests.

Baked brie - it has got to be one of the easiest, most simple dishes to serve as an appetizer and one of the biggest crowd pleasers. How can you contend with warm soft cheesy goodness? Oh yeah, by slathering it in honey and almonds, and serving it alongside some perfectly toasted, ever-so-crusty bread.

***Some baked brie recipes include wrapping the brie round in pasty or filo dough. I think that this is a mistake because: 1) it takes away from the delicious and carefully balanced flavor that brie has to offer, and 2) you miss out on the best part - the crustiness of the bread mixed with the warm gooey goodness of the baked brie!***

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Brie (hopefully something mildly French - the one pictured below is made in the USA, but has a French title, works for me!)
  • Fresh crusty bread (Italian loaf or French baguette)
  • Honey (optional but tasty)
  • Almonds (optional but tasty)
  • Jam (optional but tasty)

Updated tip from Pikapikachick:

Also make sure you use a younger, firmer (cheaper -- yay!) brie, not an expensive and super runny aged brie. The longer brie ages the more ammonia-y the rind gets, and no amount of honey is going to make that taste good. And scraping rind off of melty brie just isn't any fun at all.

Also: try this with cranberry sauce! Yum!

Step 2: Set Oven to 350

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Why is it that the dial on just about every oven in the places where I've lived have the numbers rubbed off?

Step 3: Place the Brie on a Cookie Sheet

Place the brie round, rind and all, on something oven and broiler safe. A cookie sheet or pie tin will work well.

Step 4: Bake for 10-12 Minutes

Once the oven has reached temperature, place the brie in the oven on the top rack. Slice some nice fresh bread and throw it in there along with the brie to get crusty.

Crusty bread with warm buttery brie = delicious.
Limp soggy bread with warm buttery brie = hard to swallow.

Step 5: When It Looks Like This, It's Done

After 10 minutes it should be oozing a bit of cheese out of its bottom.

If it looks like it does in the photo below, it's ready to come out. Don't be afraid of a molten or almost liquid center - it will harden as the brie cools down.

If it doesn't have any of the nice brown bits on the top, you can throw it under the broiler for 30 seconds. Keep a close watch on it though - you don't want it to burn.

Step 6: Plate, Cover With Toppings and Enjoy

Making sure to support the bottom of the brie, carefully move it to a plate. Arrange the hot crusty bread from the oven around the brie.

Top the brie with honey, almonds, jam, or your own favorite toppings and serve quickly. Think sweet & savory flavors.

It will be so good that your guests won't be able to help themselves from digging in while it's piping hot!



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    I find when the brie is in pastry it is a little harder to cut and serve, I did this last year for Christmas and watched my guests try to get a wedge out cleanly, without messing up the whole round of cheese, for the next person.

    These look good but I prefer the warm brie with wine jelly and crackers, delicious and easier to handle!


    9 months ago

    Baked with raspberry jalapeno jam on top after baking and wheat thins on the side is a great appetizer or party dish.

    Thank you for posting this! The brand of Brie that I usually get has instructions, but my dad got a different kind this time, so I had to look it up. :)

    I have a larger circle of brie -- too much for us to eat in one sitting, and am wondering if I can bake it in pieces, or if all of the soft white cheese will melt out, as the rind won't surround the whole piece. Any suggestions? I want to do this with a bacon jam, and then thought I would do it again another time with cranberry sauce.

    1 reply

    Some celebrity chefs have recipes using a 1/4 brie, which must be from a full circle like yours. They seem to bake it for less time eg "Bake for 5 to 7 minutes, or until it starts to ooze but not melt."

    I have loved brie for most of my life. It's one of the greatest cheeses to serve with green grapes and whatever just as a dessert plate. My daughter makes baked brie with bacon marmalade on the top. Sounds good..I like bacon in anything, but for my children (now adults) who grew up always seeing brie and having some, I found out they both shave the rind off. Ewwwwwwwwwww. I was a young bride when I first had brie and we had dinner at a friends who served stuffed cornish game hens, and the brie with grapes and crackers for dessert. Another couple who were there and had never seen brie leaned over to me and said, if my cheese was moldy I wouldn't serve it. Muhahahaha. Thank goodness I had parents who loved and appreciated all the cheeses. Love the looks of this recipe. I will probably do it with the honey only as nuts are no-no for me. Thanks!!!! Lesley

    mmm! I'm going to do this tomorrow (just because right now is too late and all the store are closed! )

    I am curious about trying this. My experience with brie cheese was very brief, like two small cubes with honey and salmon sashimi.

    Baked it must taste great! :)

    my older half-sister made a similar thing with i think apricot paste and slices of quince, she had wrapped it in puff pasty and it was sooooooo good
    although, you'd probably die after eating more then a few mouthfuls!
    brie is my total fav cheese!
    this looks great

    Do you eat the rind or take it off when it is hot?? I see the honey on the rind in the last photo and I am very confused.

    1 reply

    Yeah it's fine to eat the rind. In fact, when I bake brie the rind is my favorite part.

    First tried this in Paris at the most amazing Fondue place... it was actualy goat brie, and it tasted like getting a mouthfull of jesus. been trying to get it mysellf ever since, but never found the right way to do it. thanks!

    I still remember the first time I experienced warm brie - it was heaven! However, the version I experienced was made with warmed apricot jam on top. It was quick, easy and divine. The only (unfortunate) down side is that to your arteries, brie is congealed cholosterol on a plate - enjoy in moderation......

    1 reply

    Anything gets delicious with apricot jam on top. Homemade apricot jam, is there anything better? I really need to get me a few boxes of apricots soonish...

    You're right on the border there with 7. It's a rich appetizer, so a little bit goes a long way. I think you could go either way...serve one and leave them wanting more, or, if it's a big part of the meal, serve two and let everyone really indulge.