Bamboo Spotlight Stand Using IKEA VILDAPEL Plant Pot




IKEA item used: VILDAPEL plant pot, bamboo (Article Number: 902.336.13)

The IKEA VILDAPEL plant pot made of bamboo can be used as a simple stand for recessed spot-lights. The spotlights can beam straight upward or at an angle depending on how the pots are placed. The spotlight stands can be placed below flowers or behind the couch which will make a beautiful ambilight.

A hole has to be drilled in the correct size of a recessed spot in the bottom of the plant pot for a straight-up light or in one of the sides for a diagonal beam.

I used 12 Volt multi-color recessed spots from iDual with a nice remote control which provides several nice color programs!

Required material:

  • IKEA VILDAPEL plant pot, bamboo (IKEA Article Number: 902.336.13)
  • Recessed Spotlights e.g. Jedi Lightning iDual Recessed-Spots with remote control or any other spots
  • Transformer and cables for the spots (do not use high voltage spots!)

Required tools:

  • drilling machine
  • hole driller
  • sand paper

Step 1: Mark and Drill Holes for the Spots

Mark the holes (e.g. by using diagonal lines for the bottom) and Drill hole in bottom (take care as the driller can be stuck and rotate the pot!)

Use the sand paper to remove any sharp edges.

Then, cut a small gap in one of the edges of the pot for the cable in case you drilled the hole in the bottom.

Step 2: Mount the Spots Into the Holes of the Bamboo Pot

Insert the spot like it would be inserted in a ceiling fixing it with its clips (see photo)If more space is needed, rotate the spot at 45°, so that the clips can fix the spot in the hole.

Step 3: Enlight the New Spots!

Check the cables and plug in the spots!

Place the spots below flowers or behind furnitures like a couch.

Turn on the light and enable your preferred multi-color program.

Happy crafting,

~ by Roland



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    1 year ago

    Nice project!


    1 year ago

    Those look really nice, neat use for the planters :)