Bandsaw Box- Whale




How to make your very own Bandsaw box Whale. Thanks to Angeli Frondoso who made this in our Woodworking class. (:

Thanks Angie for the instructable directions!

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Step 1: Whale Pattern

Length- 25cm (10")

Width- 8.5cm (3 3/8")

Height- 8.5cm (3 3/8")

Step 2: Draw Top and Side View of the Whale

This pattern can easily be traced on to the wood.

Step 3: First Cut Out the Top View

Step 4: Tape Pieces Back Together and Cut Out Side View

Step 5: Cut Off the Back Side of the Whale, About 1/4"

Step 6: Sketch Drawer Outline Then Cut Out the Drawer Block

Step 7: Completed Drawer

Cut off sides of drawer block and then cut out the center piece. Sorry if the picture is misleading. The front and back sides are cut off and then the center is cut out. Sand the inside smooth but not where you will be gluing the sides back on. The picture shows the sides already glued back on.

Step 8: Insert the Eye

Use a dowel or cut a plug for the eye. In this instance a plug cutter and plug of dark wood were used.

Step 9: Cut Out and Sand the Fin and Attach It to the Body

An easy method of attaching the fin is to use masking tape.

Step 10: Whale With Completed Fin

Step 11: Making Drawer Flush

You can use a bumper pad, felt pad or small piece of dowel so that the drawer is flush at the front. The bumper pad is attached to the back of the drawer.

Step 12: Apply Finish

The whale was sprayed with clear gloss lacquer. An alternative would be using Minwax Wood Finish or any finish of your choice, as I'm sure you all have your own favourites. (:

Step 13: And You're Finished!

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7 Discussions


4 years ago

I believe it is the whale. If you print the attachment you should have the correct size.


4 years ago

Are the measurements for the whale or the rectangle box you use at first?


4 years ago

this is genius!!! congrats to Angie!!


4 years ago

this is brilliant, I've just bought a second hand bandsaw and a bandsaw box for my 3 year old's hair clips etc was high on my to-do list. think this is the one for her.


4 years ago

Whale, this is a nice drawer. Steps 7 and 8 may have some people swimming in circles with the angle of the pics.. id suggest just a little more explanation :)

2 replies

Hi I have edited my student's steps 7 & 8 and also changed a few other explanations. Let me know what you think.