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This Instructable addresses the following:

1. My brief synopsis of the FB-F9 V2+ Baofeng H.T.

2. Overview of the microphone modification that I made.

3. Operation De-Glitz, (It was just a bit to shiny/blingy for my taste).

Step 1: A Brief Overview of the BF-F9 V2+

I recently purchased the radio on Ebay from an authorized dealer here in the U.S.

It arrived very nicely/neatly packed and in good condition.

There are several features that I really like about this radio.

1. With my aging eyes the display is not only large enough to see, but with three screen color options the readability is excellent. The choice of colors are blue, purple, or orange. They can be set to standby, receive, or transmit mode. Or you could use one color for all three as this radio lets you pick what you want.

2. The radio can be programmed by my laptop computer without a lot of radio button pushing. It can be programmed by the Baofeng software or with the open source "CHIRP" software usable in both Windows and Linux.

3. There is a built in FM radio that will play the station you select. When a signal is detected on VHF/UHF the audio will switch to the repeater or simplex traffic automatically and then back to the FM when it finishes. This can be a great feature when you are trying to keep track of breaking news, or weather provided you don't have a NOAA weather station close range.

4.The BF-F9 V2+ has a high quality speaker as I recall they used the same one Motorola uses. The frequency range on it even does well with music audio. Radio traffic is very copy-able on this rig.

5. Lastly is the price. The FB-F9 V2+ is feature rich it sure gives other radios a run for their money! I think I paid about $60.00 with free shipping and this including the radio, charger and charger base, antenna, belt clip, ear/mic piece and hand strap. ( I did buy a Nagoya NA-771 antenna, as the stock one is not as good as a nicer aftermarket one for better reception and transmit.)

Step 2: Grill Removal and Microphone Modification

There are 5 screws that hold the grill on over the speaker and button area.

The grill is a brushed aluminum with a black anodized finish on it. You will need a small TORX head screwdriver, or driver bit in order to remove the screws.

The grill should practically fall off after the screws are removed. DO NOT pry it off be gentle, there should be no need for force as its not needed and could warp the edge and create a surface to snag clothing, or even you!

The speaker screen is NOT glued down and will come off with slight convincing. A gentle easing with the sharp edge of a knife should do the trick if it doesn't fall off to begin with.

The picture of the grill laying flat shows one screw still coming through, this is to help you discern the microphone hole very close to it. You will notice I used a round diamond coated needle file to broach the mic hole out a bit. A small drill would work but BECAREFUL! the plate is thin and really doesn't need must alteration. I filed/broached the hole out about 30%. (On my first simplex contact I was told my audio was low.)

After reading on the internet I saw several other Ham Operators using this technique as well, so I decided to mention it here.

NOTE* 30% may not seem like a lot of expansion but it really almost doubles the surface area of the hole in general, thus making room for more voice audio to reach the microphone element !

This really is a simple modification but it also works, so give it a try and see what you think.

Step 3: De-Glitzing the BF-F9 V2+

Operation De-Glitz:

I like this radio but it was a bit blingy for my taste so I decided tone it down a bit. I figured while I had the grill off I could use a black Sharpie marker and color in the shiny routed lines in the grill. I'm fairly sure they use a CNC router to cut the face plate/grill. The maker did tone it down a bit. I debated on coloring the screen as well then decided the contrast was okay.

One guy I was reading about had lightly sanded the grill and screen and shot it with a coat of spray paint of some sort. I wasn't sure I wanted to go that far, and also notice I didn't use the marker on the areas around the microphone hole or the A/B button or the VFO/MR button. I thought having those exposed with some definition in low light might be a good idea. If I went the spray paint route I would have to mask those off etc and that would be too much work.

You can see the final product in the picture. From some angles the grill still shines a bit but its not silver it's a black shine, and not nearly as noticeable.

Feel free to leave comments, ideas, or suggestions as well.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, 73 Bryan KC8HPS



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    11 Discussions

    BaoFeng Blogger

    Question 10 months ago on Step 2

    Where did you obtain your small TORX head screwdriver... or where do you suggest I pick one up at.

    Thnx... and 73's to ya.

    BaoFeng Blogger

    2 answers
    ElizabethGreeneBaoFeng Blogger

    Answer 7 months ago

    Sears, if you can find one still open, sells a T6 driver. The one I use is made by Wiha.

    kc8hpsBaoFeng Blogger

    Answer 10 months ago

    as I recall it was Radio Shack which is gone now. I would suspect Amazon or EBay would yield results.


    9 months ago

    Nice mods! I just ordered one of these but in the blue color. I like to personalize my tech toys too so I will definitely be able to use your instructable. Thanks!


    2 years ago

    good morning,
    I bought some radios Baofeng F9 + TP , I do not know how to configure it to have greater coverage, currently has a range of 600 meters , someone could help me with the configuration? ?? and I 'm buying on ebay antennas for greater range , the antenna is brand Nagoya NA771 series. serve this dish?


    2 years ago

    I bought one of these radios. It's my third Baofeng.

    I tried to fit the extended battery in the unit with out success. It's suppose to be compatible. It won't click place.

    I have tried different antennas, both whip and mobile. They didn't seem to work as good as the original. I don't have a power/swr meter for vhf/uhf to test the output.

    de W9ALN

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Good morning and thanks fir the note. Yes the big batteries are hard to seat. I had to decompress the lock as best I could . After making sure the battery was on track I gave the battery a whack with the butt if my hand to get it locked in place. Getting off again was a chore as well, after 3-4 X doing that it got better/easier. I have three Baofengs of the uv5r variety and also the uv82x 220/440 <- different case and battery style.

    I have swapped the big battery from radio to radio but in theory one wouldn't have to remove it if you can get it on the first time :-)
    I use the NAGOYA NA-771 dual band antennas and have found them to be better than the stock antennas, I'm not sure what secondary antenna you are using. *** I do notice the larger battery tends to do a better job at producing max power output from the radio as well.
    Feel free to write back. My email is on QRZ if you wish to use it.

    De KC8HPS Bryan


    3 years ago

    Thanks for the recommendations and review.
    Did you successfully used Chirp to program your BF-F9 V2+ ?

    Now there's a mod worth doing. I move my UV-5R and UV-5RA! Even have a pair of the 888 sets. Baofeng makes Great little radios and a real bang for the buck. I normally use an external mic/speaker on my handsets but that's not always doable so this little mod would be great.

    ......and I always thought that that screen on the front, with the screws, was just just part of the housing and molded onto it. LOL.....never thought to take a screwdriver to it and test it. LMAO

    73's VE7-HCR


    4 years ago

    Cool handheld. Do you know the sellers name or username on eBay. Maybe a link. I would love to get something like this when I get my license.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I will be posting an Instructable on how to modify the charger base for the Baofeng radio soon.