Basic Electronics #2: Voltage



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Every one of us has heard of voltage in our life 12v, 5v, 120v, 3.7v...........etc so what does it means lets find it out !

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Step 1: Watch the Video !

If you are lazy and don`t want to read all the stuff you can watch the video Click Here

Step 2: What Is It ?

Basically, voltage is a quantity which pushes the electrons in a circuit and forces them to move in a direction which is nothing but current.

If there is no voltage (0v), electrons will not flow and there will be no current!

Step 3: Example

here I have a setup to measure voltage and current consumed by the fan. Right now there is zero voltage means no current as you can see.

Now I have increased the voltage and there is some current but fan is still not moving let's increase it. As we increase the voltage current starts to increase.

Step 4: Actual Definition

I said voltage pushes the electrons that is just for understanding! the actual definition says

~ It is the difference in electrical potential, per unit of charge

this means voltage can do electrical work here we are moving a fan.

Step 5: Bit Advance ...

We know energy is measured in Joule and voltage can be expressed as J/C and ampere as C/s

If we multiply Voltage and Current we get Power which is J/s which means the amount of energy consumed by the fan per second.

Here if we multiply 12v X 177mA we get 2.124 J/s (W)

Step 6: Thank You !

That's it for today if you like my

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