Basic Glo Germ Instructions

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Intro: Basic Glo Germ Instructions

Use the following Glo Germ instructions to teach hygiene and sanitation lessons to students or employees. The Glo Germ method has been proven to be successful in schools, hospitals, nursing schools, labs, clean manufacturing, and so forth.

Good luck on teaching your Glo Germ lesson!

Step 1: Apply Glo Germ

Step 1 is to apply Glo Germ. How you apply Glo Germ depends on the type you purchased. The preferred applications for each of the types (gel, powder, oil, mist) varies. Here is a short guide how each of the types are usually used.

  • Glo Germ Gel
    • Glo Gel is used best as a cleaning detection experiment. Apply it on hands, counters, desks, and other areas. See how effective cleaning is with different variables.
  • Glo Germ Powder
    • Glo Powder is best when trying to demonstrate how fast germs spread through contact. Add to hands and shake hands, door handles, or other areas where there is a lot of traffic. Use the UV black light to see how far the germs spread.
  • Glo Germ Mist
    • Glo Mist is best used to demonstrate how far airborne germs can travel. For example, how far do germs travel when someone coughs or sneezes?
  • Glo Germ Oil
    • Glo Oil is best used to demonstrate blood or hazardous liquid.

Step 2: Show Glo Germ Under the UV Black Light

Show participants the germs on their hands, on desks, or other areas where the Glo Germ was applied. Simply, use a UV black light to illuminate the Glo particles. Darken the room or use a disclosure black box (for hands) for the best effect. Showing participants the Glo Germ illuminated strengthens the realization that there are millions of tiny microbes living all around us that we cannot see. They knowledge will help the participant know how important it is to not spread germs, even though they can't see them with just their eyes.

Step 3: Discuss How Germs Spread

Now that you have applied the Glo Germ and have shown the participants how microbes exist all around us, take the next few minutes to discuss how germs spread. You can discuss how the gel can represent food, saliva, and other semi-liquids that can spread germs and disease. You can explain how the powder is like dry particles that carry germs. The Glo Mist represents germs that can go airborne and be inhaled. And the Glo Oil can represent blood, other bodily, and other hazardous liquids.

Step 4: Wash Off Glo Germ

Next, have the participants wash off the Glo Germ. For hand washing demonstrations, have the participants wash their hands how they normally do after using the restroom or when their hands are dirty. If teaching a cleaning demonstration, have the participants clean the desks, counters, door handles, etc. how they normally do when cleaning.

Step 5: Verify the Cleaned Areas With the UV Black

After the hands or areas have been cleaned, take the UV black light and illuminate the remaining Glo Germ particles. In almost every case, there will be Glo Germ residue somewhere left on the hands or other areas. Point out the the participants that leaving areas uncleaned causes issues. Explain that even though they can't see visible germs or dirt remaining, it doesn't mean that the germs are not there.

Step 6: Instruct on Proper Cleaning Guidelines

Next, discuss proper cleaning guidelines that should be used in the future to help remove the germs. Refer back to the visible demonstrations and how, even though the germs weren't able to be seen, the UV black light confirmed that the germs were still there. If you are introducing new guidelines, this would be a great time to talk through specific steps that will be required for your organization.

Step 7: Repeat Glo Germ As Much As Necessary

Finally, determine how often your group should receive refresher courses with Glo Germ. In some cases, you may want to immediately repeat the Glo Germ demonstration if the cleaning job was done very poorly. You want to get your students or employees into good hygiene habits, repetition is key. We recommend repeating the Glo Germ lesson every six months to keep the habit fresh on their minds.



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