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I have used this basic idea to make masks with students from age 4-18. The first steps are easy and then the person can customize the mask however they choose. The same idea can also be used to make little finger puppet masks.

Step 1: Materials

Minimal Materials:
1 Scissors
4 Sheets of scratch paper
1 Stapler and at least 10 staples (tape could be used in place of staples).

Additional materials:
Construction Paper
Colored Pencils

Step 2: Making a Strip

Staple three sheets of paper end to end.

Step 3: Making a Cylinder

Wrap the paper around your head to test the fit and staple the ends together making a cylinder.

Step 4: Closing in the Top.

Staple a piece of paper across the top of the cylinder.

Step 5: Find Your Eyes

Put the mask on your head and press (gently) into your eyeballs. Where the paper is crinkled cut eye holes.

Step 6: Personalize

I like this simple wolf robot mask. I make two diagonal cuts into the top to make ears, and I cut triangles out of the bottom to make teeth. See the additional images for more ideas.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You ought to use a "finished" imsge for your introduction step. It makes a better thumbnail, and brings in more views.