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Im going back to school, and on my supply list is a flash drive. what does this mean? Ill be using the computer a lot, and like most teenagers ill probably do alot of things on them that my teacher dosent approve of. so i created a small batch program to protect you from getting caught doing those things. here it is, its pretty self explanatory.  you can set witch progams to kill, what web pages to open ect. by editing the code. If you already know batch you could edit it as you like. But if you dont know batch/DOS/CMD...DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE as it could cause CATASTROPHIC computer DAMAGE if edited improperly!!!!
YouTube Link

Important there will be an update coming soon to make this instructable easier to understand as well as a new bug fix/program update, please bear with me as I prepare v5 for you.

Also, because this is a .bat file you WILL get download warnings from your browser. If you are unsure about downloading it connent and i'll send you proof that it is not malicious.

Added Admin Account Creator
Added Logfile
Added Splash
Fixed Issue With IP Get
Made Download And Install Better

New update! v6 is here! download it now here------>LINK
Here is v5---------->LINK

v6 Changelog:
Added random number gen
Added comand line
Added performance boost
Got rid of log(people felt that i was tracking them   D:   )

hope you enjoy this update.
also for you coders, you will see some "abandoned" code in the batch file, i will need some help to get those ideas off the ground.

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    27 Discussions

    Chad Baxter

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I recently just started high school and am in school from nine to three thirty so please keep in mind that I might not get back to you until afternoon

    Chad Baxter

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Also, if you are having trouble with the files/program please watch the video first before you pm me. It just that I don't need my inbox full for something that the video covers.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Can you please update the link? Because the link is broken.

    it is something u make on notepad. it is like a quick link to a list of command(s) on cmd (command prompt). They end in something like .bat (i cant remember right now) I have made many of them before, one can shut down ur computer when u click on it, another will make u type a phrase or letter every time u type a key, etc. the possibilities r pretty much endless but they r really fun to work with if u know how to. i hope i explained it enough to get a brief understanding, and if u r still interested check out my instructable in the contest, heres the link--> https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-proxies-to-access-most-websites/

    And yet another person has been introduced to the horrors of batch spammers.

    If you're going to introduce someone to our world, could you do a better job next time?

    I see your point, but the brief description that was given was mainly about things that people would call "hackz".

    I know I was a little harsh (I've had a little bit of an irritating day, but that was no reason to take it out on you), but see where I'm coming from.

    Next time, try not mentioning things like fork bombs and fake viruses. Oh, and make sure you get your information and terms correct, don't just guess ("They end in something like .bat (i cant remember right now)").

    Thanks, and I hope you understand.

    No offense ninja_maker, but here is the basic understandings of a batch file: It is a a type of file that executes ms-dos styled commands by following basic algorithyms and is commonly used to either shorten tasks or do monotonous tasks so you don't have to. The word "program" in this context is incorrect as it is not reffered to as a programming language although it can act like one if you know your stuff. If you need a little more of an explanation please pm me.

    oh....ok, yeah i knew it was that but i didnt know if i was talking to some kid that i would have to explain the words to or some math wizard guy

    Prof. Pickle

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just downloaded V6, I only found one section of "ghost code". What were you planning to do in ":killp"?