Bead Embroidery Success

Introduction: Bead Embroidery Success

About: I have been exploring with beads and fabric for 20+ years. I teach internationally and have authored 3 books about my original beading techniques.See my workshop schedule, beaded art galleries, and get auto...

To do the job right, you must have the right tools!

I have been exploring with beads and fabric for 20+ years and have had plenty of "learning experiences" (notice I did not say mistakes) that I want to share with you so that the time you spend beading will be pleasurable hours of beading zen.  In this video I explain what to look for when buying beads and beading supplies if you are going to successfully bead on fabric.

You can also find this and more helpful information and scores of new beading techniques in my books Bead Creative Art Quilts, and Bead Creative Like Crazy: Beading Inspired by Crazy Quilts. You can see my teaching schedule and my obsessively beaded galleries on my website

Oh did I mention most of the recommended beads and supplies in this video are available on my website?

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