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Here is my next recreation of a hip hair accessory from the Renegade Craft Fair. 

These beaded feather hair clips are the perfect bohemian accessory.  They cost $250 but you can make them yourself for only $10.

These clips are inspired by the Paradise Collection by Jeeyun Ha Designs

Step 1: Materials

Materials - totaling $15-20 (once you buy the initial materials the cost of making a second one goes down significantly, to about the cost of the beads)
1. Beads - $3-7, as many as you need depending on how many strands you want and length of strands, a couple grams of beads should cost you about $1 depending on type and store
2. Feathers - $2 bag of feathers (only use about 5-10 feathers, barely a dent), you can buy nicer more expensive feathers
3. Beading Thread - $0.89 for a bobbin of thread (you will used about 10 cents worth of thread)
4. Super Glue - approx. $4
5. Beading Needle - $0.89 for a pack of four
6. Hair Clips - $2 pack of 10 clips
7. Enamel (not necessary) - $8 for a set of small colored enamel paints

Step 2: Paint Hairclip

I bought metal hair clips but I didn't want the metal to show through.  Even though the clip will be covered with beads, I painted the clips with enamel to make sure none of the metal showed.

I used this nude color for the first layer but decided to paint over it with black near the end.  Doing this is up to you depending on how you want your clip to look.

Step 3: Attach Feather

I tried at least 5 different way to attach the feathers to the bead strands and trust me this is the easiest and most professional looking!

Take a piece of beading thread that is a little bit longer than the length of your arm span.

Tie a knot in the middle of the string but don't pull it tight yet.  Place the tip of the feather in the knot and pull the knot tight around the tip of the feather.  Tie 2-3 more knots around the tip.  Make sure the knots are really tight.

Adding more feathers to the bundle
Repeat this process to add more feathers to the end of your strand.  When you are done add a drop of super glue right over the knot to make sure everything is secure.

Step 4: Bead Strand

Pass both ends of the thread through the eye of the needle.  This will make it very easy to make a custom strand of beads.

The first bead you put on should be large enough to fit over the tip of the feathers, this will hide the knots you made and if the glue that would be even better so the bead will stay in place.

Continue stringing beads on the needle and down the thread in any pattern that you want. 

Make one strand your main strand.  I made my longest strand my main strand just to make it simple.  At the end of this strand string a length of seed beads that is the same length of the clip.  You will be weaving a layer of beads to attach to the clip.

The stitch I used is called Peyote Stitch it's a needle bead weaving technique.  Its super easy to learn but would be a whole other instructable.  I found this great video tutorial to show you how it works.  Add as many rows as you need to cover the top of your clip.  Once you have finished with the peyote stitch tie a few knots with the thread around a few beads to make sure none of the beads unravel. 

Super glue or hot glue the length of beads you peyote stitched to the top of the hair clip.  This is an excellent way to cover your hair clip!

Step 5: Adding More Strands

You can make as many strands as you want by following the instructions in the previous step.  Because of the peyote stitch, it is really easy to attach any extra strands to the main strand. 

To attach a strand to the clip, just loop the thread of the strand through one of the peyote stitched beads on the top of the clip and knot it around the bead a few times.

You can also attach a strand somewhere along another strand.  This works the same way.  I found it easiest to attach another strand through one of the larger beads.


Make sure all the extra strands of thread are snipped. I used the enamel to paint over them so they would blend in with the color of the beads. Also put a drop of super glue at any point where you tied thread around a bead.

Wear these clips in your hair day or night!



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    15 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I found An awesome kit on wish that contains synthetic feathers, beads, pliers, hook threading needle, etc. I've tried it once so far & got a pretty good result but I'm sure with practice plus more trial & error it will look very professional!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hey i really live these bu could you teach me how you do our hair like that i love it


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey have you thought about selling those online or something. Cause well I tried like three times and i just cant get it. Just wondering thnx


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i love it,, inspired me to make some except as earings


    Very pretty, and the hairclip is nice as well. I reckon I'll make a few for my sister, who's always putting stuff in her hair.

    Lithium Rain

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Gorgeous! You have to have the right features and a heckuva dose of "don't care" to pull it off, though, I think.