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I make a lot of bracelets. When I was choosing one to use for an instructable, I decided to go basic, but versatile. Here are the directions to string a simple beaded bracelet with a clasp. Once you have the technique down, they're pretty easy and you can make tons of variations. Have fun!

Step 1: What You Need

Anything you like is fine, as long as they're sturdy. You wouldn't want to use a soft stone like turquoise on a bracelet. Crystals make especially beautiful bracelets and are perfect for gifts. I like to use beads in the 4 - 8 mm range.

Beading string
I usually use a good beading string such as Silkon nylon thread. I get medium or heavy weight. Beading threads are inexpensive and come in awesome colors.

Any toggle, lobster claw or hook clasp for single strand jewelry. If you don't know what to pick, get a 12mm lobster claw clasp and an 8 mm closed jump ring.

Strong waterproof glue


Step 2: Attach the Clasp

Cut about a foot of beading string. Tie one end of the string to one piece of the clasp using a surgeon's knot. Make an extra knot or two, but don't cut the end yet.

Step 3: String the Beads

Now string on your beads.

When your bracelet is about 5 - 6 inches total, hold the loose beads on and try it around your wrist. Estimate how much room the rest of the clasp will take up and add beads until the bracelet fits right. You can always tie a loose knot on the other half of the clasp first if you're not sure. The finished bracelet length will vary depending on the size of the beads.

Step 4: Finish the Clasp

Tie the loose end of the beading thread to the other half of the clasp. Make sure to leave a little room after the last bead so the bracelet can flex easily. If you're adding just a jump ring, tie the string directly to it. Leave the string end hanging loose.

Step 5: Finish Your Bracelet

Put a dot of glue on each knot and let dry overnight.

Now you can trim off the extra string.

And your bracelet is ready to wear!



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    2 years ago

    this was very helpful !!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    this was very helpful !!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, thanks for asking. In the comments below is a good tutorial for the surgeon's knot from Fire Mountain. I'm adding this tutorial from Beadaholics as well:

    I think your real difficulty, though is coming from using fishing line. You need something with more drape to get the right look. Also, you should have string or cord that can be trimmed very close and secured with glue. Beading string is super cheap and can be found online or at most craft stores. This will make a huge difference. The other thing I do which adds to the finished look of a bracelet is use beads near the clasp that slide over and hide the knot. This can also be done with bead covers, but most people don't have any handy : ) Lastly, you have to leave a tiny bit of slack in the bracelet before the final knot so it moves nicely. I hope this helps! Please let me know.


    4 years ago

    The first bead you put on after the knot is not in the tutorial? I'm still a little confused on how I should get my string to look good. I have a lobster claw and fishing line as my sting (i know it needs an upgrade) but I can't get the knot to look as elegant as you have yours.

    Thank you! Here's a link for a great tutorial on knots. It has both video and great illustrations:


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are beautiful, but could you elaborate and add a step showing how to tie a surgeons knot? I don't know that one.