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Introduction: Beaded Goose Egg

About: I love decorating eggs and seeing others eggs. I enjoy lace draping also. I raise some birds also. I own an egg art supply company, The Eggery Place and really enjoy it!

This is a goose egg beaded with bugle beads in a basketweave pattern. The middle section has no hole pearls and Swarovski flat back rhinestones. There is a Swarovski rhinestone button on the top. The egg sits on a gold plated stand.
This egg was entered into the International Egg Art Guild Master's Program in the Beaded/Jeweled category. I received my Intermediate in Beaded/Jeweled with this egg.



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    this is lovely! Just wondering if you paint the egg the colour of the beads first or not.

    That is lovely. I work with beads and am very impressed with the work you did with the bugles, which have sharp ends and cause me to cut myself and then swear. (sorry. TMI) Where on Earth did you come across the stand to put the egg upon and the bit of hardware that goes between the halves (more or less) of the eggs? I've never seen anything like it in my travels, but then again, I may be frequenting the wrong places. Congratulations a second time for making it into the finals - your egg is incredible and you have a definite heirloom.

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    Thank you again for your nice comments!
    Yes, sometimes these beads have sharp edges. So I have to trim them. I have to trim them when they are too big for a space also.
    The hardware between the two egg pieces is called a hinge ring. They can be purchased on my website, (the one shown above is no longer available. The manufacturer closed their business. However, I have other styles and sizes). I also sell the stand shown above. I have kits available too. The egg shown above with a different hinge ring, will be taught in a class at an egg show in Rockford, IL. The Rockford show will be held on March 28-29 at the Midway Village and Museum.
    If you are interested in learning to egg, I would be happy to guide you or perhaps find someone near you that would be willing to teach you.
    Thank you again for your nice comments!

    Well done on reaching the finals! So exciting!!

    Congratulations on being a Finalist. You know that I admire your bead work, Kathy! My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

    Beautiful! Another finalist for you...Congrats, you deserve it!

    Beautiful beaded work. You have a lot of patience and talent. Thank you for sharing your art with all of us who appreciate art. DJSaxton

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    WOW, what a wonderful gift of talent you have! I love the color, one of my favorite!

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    Thank you! I can teach you how to do this since you have time on your hands!

    Thank you! This was done with my mom in mind. Her favorite color is purple.

    Thank you! Working with this pattern, you do have to be careful not to have gaps. But I enjoy working this pattern, so the extra time is worth it to me.

    Thank you! It does open. The inside is lined with velvet. The egg was given to my mom once it passed. I will ask her to take a picture of the inside so I can post it.