Beats by Breanna & Sumiko (DIY Headphones)


Introduction: Beats by Breanna & Sumiko (DIY Headphones)

Make your own Headphones!

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Step 1: Materials

1) 28 gauge of insulated copper wire

2) Auxiliary Cable

3) Electric tape

4) Sand Paper

5) 2 containers, or 2 plastic cups

6) Glue stick

7) Post-It-Note

8) 2 Neodymium Magnets

9) Wire cutter or Scissors

10) Headband

Step 2: Cut Wire

1) You will want to measure your insulated copper wire to about a meter, and cut with your wire cutters. You will want to do this one more time. Make sure that your wire will wrap around half of your head and reach to about your thigh.

Step 3: Wrapping Your Voice Coils

2) You will then want to secure your Post-It-Note around your glue stick. Wrapping the Post-It-Note around the glue stick will help you remove the voice coil easier. Hold out your wire wide and place the glue stick in the middle. Fold one end of the wire over the glue stick and repeat with the other end. Keep doing this vice versa, until you get a total of to wraps around the glue stick. Remove the coil from the glue stick and feel free to make any adjustments. Make sure that your wraps do not overlap each other, and that there are no big spaces in between each wrap. Repeat these steps with the other meter of unwrapped copper wire.

Step 4: Sanding

3) With both of your Voice coils sand each end of the coil. Make sure that there is no red covering left on the copper wire or else the headphones will not work.

Step 5: Cups

4) This is when you will want to cut down your cups to a desired size. Remember the cups will be going around your ears so do not leave them to large. This when you will also want to paint your cups if you want them to be a certain color. After the cups dry on one cup place one Neodymium magnet on the bottom of the cup, and place the voice coil around it. Place the coil so that the end that will wrap around your head is at the top and the end that will be attached to the auxiliary cable is at the bottom. Secure the magnet and the voice coil down with some electric tape. Do the same thing to your other cup.

Step 6: Connection

5) To get sound to both of the headphones you will need to connect the wires at the top together. The ends of the coil that wrap around your head will first wrap each end together so that the wire makes sort of an upside down "U" shape now. You will then wrap the 2 bottom wires around the auxiliary table. Make sure the two wires do not touch or else the sound will be cut off completely.

Step 7: Attachment

6) Glue the end of the headband to the cup. And the coil that wraps around your head will be taped to the of the headband with electric tape.

Step 8: Wrap Wire

7) So that no wire is showing wrap electric tape or any other material around the wire that is attached to the auxiliary cable.

Step 9: Final

8) Plug the auxiliary cable into the music source for example a phone. Music should play out of both headphones. If music does not play, try sanding down the edges again, or hold your phone at a different angle. Enjoy your new headphones.

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