Beehive Made From Tyres

Me and my friend made this beehive out of old tires over 2 weekend. But with better tools and the help of this instructable you could easily make it over one weekend.

Want to help out the bees but don't want to built a beehive then check out-

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Step 1: Materials

3 or 4 tires
Some length of wood
some plywood
hot glue sticks
plastic bags

glue gun

Step 2: The Frames

Firstly pile all the tire on top of each other, then measure the distance from the top to the bottom. I cut 8 of these, but it all depends on the width of the wood and the tire. Next cut more pieces for the top and bottom. You also need to take into account bee space I used a scrap piece of plywood that measured 1 cm. 

Step 3: Tire Insulation

I insulated the tires by putting hay in the rims and gluing plastic bags to the sides.   

Step 4: Top Bar Frames

Vey simply two scrap pieces of plywood that fill up the gaps at the end.

Step 5: The Entrance

We made the entrance with scraps of wood cut so that it makes a rough circle and then held in place with plywood scraps and screws.

Step 6: The Roof

Start with two pieces of plywood that will completely cover the beehive, then attach two pieces of wood at the ends which are at right angles. And one in the middle which will rest on the frames. Finally get four offcuts and attach them to the ends, now cut two triangles which are the same sizes as the ends and attach.

Step 7: Optional, Spray Paint

Spray paint so that it looks like a massive bee.
Don't forget to make sure that the roof is waterproof.
And you should be finished now just add bees.

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    7 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago on Step 7

    did you ever put bees in it? if so how did it go?

    This design could be so much better. Firstly it needs a conical roof, not a square one - not too hard to make - could be from triangular pieces of plywood glued together or rolled galvanised steel sheet. Next, the frames need some serious re-thinking.

    2 replies

    I will admit that this is not my best work, but it was a joint built between my friend and I. Looking back now I do agree that a conical roof would look better, but we hadn't thought of it at the time.
    Whats wrong with the frames?

    Does not matter if the work is not 100% as I thought it was great to see something done with car tyres, which is much better than nothing! A flat roof would be much easier I guess. As regards the frames, I just cant quite visualise square frames going into a circular hole and, to be quite honest, I dont have a better suggestion at the moment and dont actually have any experience of top bar hives.

    Dont get me wrong - I like the idea. Another thing though - the bees will find a way through the plastic lining on the inside of the tyres and try to create a nest in the insulation - needs something far more substantial and secure eg rolled galvanised steel sheet which would be very cheap to produce.

    2 replies

    I presume you mean they will find a hole in the plastic and not make one ( its fairly thick plastic), anyway if they did the rims of the tires are filled completely with hay so they would be no room for them to make a nest.

    Ps: why do you like rolled galvanised steel sheet so much?

    I think the bees may create bridging comb onto the plastic, which would then be broken when the frames were inspected or the plastic comes loose through wear and tear. I would use galv steel as I am a metal worker and have a rolling machine. I'm sure something else would work too eg. epoxy resin on some kind of fabric.