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Introduction: Beer Can Ashtrays

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Make a nifty little ashtray from any ordinary beer can! Lovely!

Step 1: STEP 1

A beer can. CUT IT'S HEAD OFF. Do not cut your fingers.

Step 2: STEP 2

Use scissors to cut vertically down the can. Making between 5 and 8 cuts works nicely.

Step 3: STEP 3

Bend strips outward at 90 degrees! Pow!

Step 4: STEP 4

Cut little bits off the end of the strips. This makes it nice and neat, and easier to fold together.

A quick reminder not to cut your fingers on the can. Those cuts are very thin and very nasty. AVOID!

Step 5: STEP 5

Fold strips like so! Tuck the last one underneath the first to avoid unnecessary strip-flapping shenanigans.


Assemble your equipment and prepare yourself for REVOLUTIONARY NEW SMOKING EXPERIENCE.

Step 7: END

Don't forget to wash your hands! Ta!



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    LOL, not quiet beautiful i guess, but it's a beginning. Thnx for tutorial.


    There's a matey does these on the streets of Bristol, tidy if i still smoked

    very cool instruct - when I saw this last picture on the first page, I thought you were running water on a cut. Actually, that would be a good close, wouldn't it?

    We have alley parties in a neighbor's garage on a reg basis, and the complaint is no ashtrays. who knew we were holding them the whole time!

    i smoke 1-2 cigaretts per day and my wife hunting me always and hides the i will try to make one of them...and maybe do some extra job with dremel to cut the edges


    11 years ago

    i do not smoke but i still find myself wanting to make one hmm...

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    no worries, you can also probably put a small analog clock in it, hang it on the wall somewhere, or just keep it as an ashtray for guests something

    ..i like this instructable. might want to add a disclaimer: do not try this after emptying the cans..

    A really good idea , it's a design object. I think it will be a cult ! Finalmente un'idea originale su come riciclare le lattine nell'uso quotidiano ! An exciting idea ojn how to recycle can in the dayli use !

    Damn, i looked closely for a similar instructable when i posted mine here : . But i did not find yours. I probably would juste have posted comments on how i make mine. I like the way you cut the "petals" though.

    Awesome! Really nice idea. I also like that you roll you own cigs. Out of curiosity, what sort of tobacco are you using, what is that yellow box at the top of the picture in step 6? I look forward to making my own new ashtray. At parties, when no one can find an ashtray, I typically grab an empty beer can and stab it with my key and then cut around the whole can and then fold over the edges. It works well.

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    Ta very much. I smoke Cutter's Choice, and the yellow box is a pack of Swan filter tips. At parties, I just tap my ash into someone else's unattended can to get a cheap laugh when they come back for it.