Beerkini: DIY Bikini Pattern With Optional Bottle Opener




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The ultimate beach party accessory, the beerkini is part sexy bikini, part bottle opener! Make your own custom beerkini with this free pattern, or transform your own swimsuit with a couple simple mods. Either way, you're sure to be the hit of the party with this fun and functional suit!

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Step 1: Materials

I ended up using almost a yard of black lycra and half a yard of this four-way stretch power net fabric (a stretchy mesh). This was mostly because I was experimenting a lot. Once you have your pattern made, you should easily be able to determine how much material you need.

I opted for two heart-shaped bottle openers but Amazon has lots of cute shapes to choose from!

I also used swimsuit elastic for the bottoms (which won't break down in chlorine), clear elastic for the top, and a hook for the back.

You can also add modesty cups for the top, underwires, or even padded cups. I tried this out and decided not to use them.

Step 2: Pattern

Decide on what shape you want your beerkini to be. I'm sure this would also work as a one-piece with an inset bottle opener too!

I used a couple swimsuits I already had to draft some patterns, chose one, and tweaked it from there. I am fortunate to have a dressform that is approximately my size to pin things to and fuss with the shapes. My next version would definitely have a more modest bottom. I'm really not sure I would wear this in public.

I've attached the pattern I used for you to use, tweak, or modify as you see fit.

Step 3: Cut Pieces

Make sure you align the lycra to one long edge of a table before you cut it so it's not all twisted and warped. Place your pattern pieces on the fabric and use weights to hold them in place. Pinning the pieces may lead to runs in the fabric.

Trace along the outside of the pattern with chalk, and then again about 3/8" or 1/2" outside of the line for seam allowance.

Cut along the outside line you've marked.

Step 4: The Bottoms

Picture 1)  I added an extra piece to the crotch of the bikini bottoms and sandwiched it between the outer fabric and the inner mesh.  

Picture 2) I pinned the mesh to the wrong side of the outer fabric and scatter-pinned them together so I could flat line them (sew them together flatly) without the layers shifting and twisting.

Picture 3) I machine-basted the pieces together with right-sides together

Picture 4) I used a baby-lock machine to serge the seams together.  Using a serger or overlock machine allows the seams to stretch without breaking the threads.  If you don't have access to this, you can use a zigzag stitch on a standard sewing machine.

Picture 5) I basted swimsuit elastic to the outer edge of the finished seam lines of the suit along the legs and waist.  

TIP:  Stretch the elastic along the back of the leg opening, but lay flat along the front. 

         Stretch the elastic along the waist evenly.

Picture 6) I serged the edge of the elastic to the fabric, being sure to cut off the excess fabric, but not cutting into the elastic

Picture 7) Elastic is serged to the suit

Picture 8) I turned the elastic to the inside of the suit so the folded edge is now the outer edge of the suit.  I used a zigzag stitch from the front side of the fabric to sew down the edge, stretching as necessary.

Picture 9) I pinned and hand-basted the bottle opener into the suit opening.  I later serged the raw edges to the inner layer of mesh, but this was pretty tricky, and you can get away with hand-sewing the whole thing, or taking it to a sewing machine and using a zig sag stitch through all layers.

Step 5: The Top

Picture 1) The top pieces have been flatlined to the mesh, just as was done with the bottoms.  Clear elastic has been serged to the bottom edge of these pieces, just as the swimsuit elastic was in the step before.  Any kind of elastic can be used for this.  Do not stretch this elastic as you serge, it's just there to help the piece keep its shape.

Picture 2) The same procedure was applied to the backs of the bikini top.

Picture 3)  The straps were sewn together as indicated on the pattern, and elastic was serged to the seamed edge.

Picture 4) The fronts are turned right-side out (encasing the elastic on the inside), and gathered along the center fronts and sides.  The gathered front edges were then serged to scrap pieces of lycra that will later be used to sew in the bottle opener.

Pictures 5&6)  The straps are placed along the side edge of the front cups, basted and serged together.

Picture 7) I sewed the bottle opener to the front cups (this picture is actually from the bottoms, but the same technique was used)

Step 6: An Easier Way

After all of this, I would highly recommend not making your own bikini from scratch.  

Unless you are a lycra ninja (which I'm sure some of you are!), save yourselves the multiple headaches that I encountered in dealing with this slippery, fussy material (and I do consider myself a very experienced sewer, as it was my job for about 10 years), and just buy yourself a d$%n swimsuit.   Cut it apart and sew in some bottle openers.  Seriously.  It will take you 20 minutes instead of 20 hours.  And you know it will fit.

So there you have it!  20 minute custom beerkini!  

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    58 Discussions


    5 years ago

    when wearing it, do you feel like there is enough support? IE it won't move around while wearing it?


    Sarah, you're the only one that could top GiannyL. Boss.
    Great way to cool off at the beach: open all the icy beers.

    Mr Rancher

    6 years ago on Step 6

    My wife thought this was GENIUS, as did I.
    We adore clever creations.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    wow .. i saw something similar when looking for bottle openers i was thinking on doing this for my wife.. like a clip on she could add to her bikinis .. great stuff!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Um, my wife tried to do this snap a cap on the hip thing for me and it fell off... and I don't mean the beer cap!

    Good thing it was a private showing!

    you talk like it was not fun to make the swimsuit... nice work and impressive that a girl that can make such tasty looking food can pull off a bikini.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Follow my chain of thought...
    girls & beer... can it get any better? it could yes...
    girls with beer... can it get any better? maybe...
    girls who open beer... can it get any better? possibly...
    girls who pass out opened beer... can it get any better? hardly...
    girls who pass out opened beer in bikinis... can it get any better? no...
    girls who pass out beer opened with their bikinis... ok... I was wrong... scoochmaroo why did you get married, can I clone you? [Kidding]

    My girlfriend is wearing one of these in December Holiday, full stop .


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My moustache approves of this, and he is usually right on these sort of things.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    How very cool. I have a one-piece that has a loop holding two parts together, so I think it could be adapted to that. Yay, but what would this be called? A beerpiece? Hmm...

    Very cool -ible. And sorry you weren't in NY at the Maker Faire; I would have loved to meet you! Even wore my pendant that you admired.

    Yowza! Can you believe it took me a few minutes to realize that were additional pages to this instructable? Haha, well done!