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You may remember when Beetlejuice pops out of his coffin and floats toward the Maitlands he's wearing a hat that says "Guide." If you don't remember, I forbid you from reading further. Go back and watch Beetlejuice three times. I always wanted this hat. That's why I love props so much. Manifestation of an idea. Pure creation.

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Step 1: What Do We Need?

A hot glue gun, a policeman's cap, craft foam, krylon fabric paint and.....A LASER CUTTER. Okay you don't NEED it but it sure helps. You can, of course, use a stencil and razor. I will be providing the PDF of my GUIDE graphic I made in Illustrator in a few hours.

Step 2: The Hat

Okay, the hat you bought is blue/black. Grey is very hard to find and/or expensive. SO, get a cheap police/officer cap of any color and use krylon fabric paint. Paint it grey. Easy. Looks good!

Step 3: The Graphic Sign

Materials and Method

Craft foam! I love/hate this stuff. Now, if you are using a laser, use a very, very low power setting and speed up the movement. If not, just use a stencil and a blade. Be careful either way or you'll end up a civil servant in the afterlife. Paint the foam with latex based paint. It may take several layers. You will want to age it with green and brown spots and perhaps some fake moss! More details to come.

The Graphic

I will be loading my graphic in PDF format in this instructable. HOWEVER, I did make it in Illustrator. It's a lot of fun to do and I'll go into detail about how I did it in a few hours.

You could free hand it if you're artistic. I don't trust my left handed scrawl. These hands build things and make diagrams. Good luck either way! To be continued.



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    2 years ago

    You might like to know that there's a company offering a blank-page hardcover journal that looks like the Handbook For The Recently Deceased.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up! Yes, I know. ? believe me, I'm a props fanatic. And, this seems like a great opportunity to learn about screen printing cloth covered book binding! stay tuned.