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About: I am a Marine Engineer in the RNZN (41 years done in various navies) and am looking forward to retirement!!! so I can do more messing about with tools

A friend at work is having a party to celebrate her new home, so I thought I would make her a T-Shirt for the evening.

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Step 1: Materials

A T-Shirt (obviously!) $5

A Laminating Pouch (free from work)

Fabric Paint $12 for a big bottle - I probably used 50c worth

Your picture I made one up from a googled Grumpy cat picture

Step 2: Put Your Picture in the Pouch and Cut Out

I used a sharp craft knife

If you want to be really thrifty, you can get 2 templates from one laminating pouch

I decided to be extravagant and throw caution to the wind!!

Step 3: Iron the Template Onto the Shirt

Sticky side down obviously! A hot iron for about a minute sticks it nicely

Step 4: Paint With Fabric Paint

I put a sheet of paper inside the shirt to prevent the paint leeching through the material to the back.

Once fully painted and dried cover the design with another piece of paper, and iron as per the fabric paint instructions, (2 minutes in my case) to set the paint

Step 5: Peel Off the Laminating Pouch Template

It can be a bit stubborn to get off, especially if the design is complex

Can be easier if still warm from the iron

Step 6: And Ta-Da

And there it is (plus another I made)

Just needs ironing!

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    2 years ago


    could i reuse the stencils, would they still stick when I iron again over them?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    If you are careful and the pattern isn't too intricate or flimsy however it is as quick to make a new one (or cut several layered together at once)


    2 years ago

    I LOVE the wwf logo. It's good to see a play on an acronym that I remember well as a kid.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, harks back to the 1994 dispute with the wrestlers using WWF outside of the US (now WWE) and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) now the World Wide Fund For Nature