#4 Beginner's Guide to Arduino Hardware Part 2

About: Arduino compatibles and other electronics for beginners! If you're getting started with the Arduino platform you'll be interested in my experiences as I investigate several 'building blocks' that can be atta...

Following on from Part 1, this video on Arduino Hardware for Beginners takes a look at some further Arduino hardware peripherals to get you on the road to a project.

Here we look at Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) screens and Real Time Clocks (RTC).

Why these two items? Because they seem to fire the creative juices of Arduinites (my term for Arduino enthusiasts), perhaps because they interact with the Real World. After all you can point at an LCD screen and say "Look! It's showing the time". The fact that the time it's showing is for a part of the world that you don't actually reside in is beside the point, and, quite frankly, splitting hairs! The fact remains that You Made It and having got this far you can only improve and go further.

Once again, I sense you just want to watch the video so, as always, Thanks For Watching!

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    Ralph S Bacontomatoskins

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!

    I think everyone needs a little hand-holding in new ventures. I got some good help when starting off in electronics and microcontrollers (before the Arduino was invented!) many years ago, now it's my turn to share.