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Introduction: Belt: Bash Pool Game

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'Belt Pool'
Sick and Tired of playing normal pool, then give this game a try.
Warning playing "Belt Pool" can be dangerous, remove breakable objects and pad windows as safety precautions. The basic object of the game is to hit the cue as hard as possible and make the balls fly off the pool table.

Step 1: Equipment Needed


Pool Table - 6 foot by 3 foot playing surface is best, but any table will do. In fact old warped tables are best, preferably without ripped felt.

Pool balls - old, chipped balls are best

Cues - 22oz the heavier the better - warped or dodgy cues are fine but still have tips on them, as you want to hit the balls as hard as possible.

Rack - 8 ball triangle rack.

Pool Chalk

Scoring system - pen and paper, chalk and black board, anything you can keep track off how many balls you and your opposition have hit off the table.

Alcohol such as beer or spirits.

Step 2: Pool Table Layout

Object of the Game of Belt Pool
This a layout of a pool table, the object of belt pool is hit the cue ball as hard as possible and make the balls fly over the rails of the table.

Step 3: The Rules of the Game of Belt Pool

Basic Rules of Belt Pool.

1.Rack the object balls like playing 8 ball pool ( Object balls are colured and sometimes numbered). Place white ball on head spot. Remove rack.

2. Decide who is going to break, coin toss.

3. Hit white ball as hard as possible to break. If balls fly off table including white ball, the player who continues until they don't make a ball fly off the table unless they foul (see section on fouls). The players can shoot at any ball on the table but must use cue ball to hit them and hit as hard as possible.

4. Balls that fly off the table, do not get put back on the table except the white ball. Balls sunk in the pockets get put back on table on the foot spot or as near as possible to it. If more than one ball is sunk in the pockets of the table the balls are put close as to the spot as you can. The white ball goes behind anywhere behind the head string, in the kitchen area.

5. Keep score, by how many balls you and your opposition fly off the table, flying the white ball of the table counts provide you have hit one of the object balls.

6. Game is finished when all object balls are belted off the table.

7. The winner is the player that has belted the most balls off the table.

1. Intenionally jumping the white ball,any object ball that goes off the table due to such a shot will be place back on the table on the foot spot or near as possible to it. The player does not recieve any points and loses their turn to the opposition player. the opposition player can "use ball in hand rule" to place the white ball anywhere on the table.

2. Missing all object balls, player loses turn. Opposition player must play white from where it lies, except if it is sunk, then it is place anywhere behind the head line, in the kitchen area.

3. If the white ball is sunk, player loses turn but keeps any points if object balls fly off table. Opposition player can use ball in hand rule to place white ball anywhere on table.

Step 4: My Kind of Ideal Pool Table and Rack for Belt Pool.

This my kind table that would be ideal for playing belt pool. Remember it is a fun game, but keep your eye on the table for flying balls that might do you injury or hit you in the groin region. I find playing belt fun especially with a cold beverage.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    ha, this sounds fun, but i'm not gonna do it at my house, i'm gonna do it at my friends house, lol....


    12 years ago on Introduction

    that pool table's sorted! but if i had it at home right now im sorry but i wouldnt be letting anyone start whacking pool balls around full blast:(