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Introduction: Bettlejuice Costume

About: I'm a make-up artist/aesthetician/artist that lives in Southern California. I enjoy all things labeled scary, creepy, abnormal, or strange.

So you wanna be "the ghost with the most" next Halloween? It's relatively easy and will look much better than any store bought set I have ever seen. As a make-up artist I have been making my own costumes for years and as a female, this was one of the most fun to dress as. Unfortunately I did not take step-by-step photos so I will go into as much detail as I can remember. Write if you have any questions. Have fun!

Step 1: What You Will Need

***Thrift Store***
1 white dinner jacket and pant
1 black tie
1 white dress shirt
1 black belt
1 pair black boots

***Craft Store***
2-3 cans black spray paint (I'm tall so I needed more) or black fabric paint
1 roll painters tape 1-2 in. (Go smaller if for a child, bigger for a grown man) Common sense will tell you.
1 can spray adhesive (fabric safe) or fabric glue
1 bag potting moss
Plastic toy creepy crawlers (snakes,flys,random bugs)
1 bag batting or stuffing

***Make-up Supply Store***
Greese paints (black,white,several different shades of green and brown) Bruise kit
1 orange sponge
1 black sponge
1 small synthetic make-up brush
Translucent setting powder
Spirit gum and remover (mineral oil)
Tobacco stain
Colored hair spray (white,green,yellow)
Teasing comb
Extra hold hairspray

***Some dirt & mud from your yard***

Step 2: The Suit

***Keep in mind before making the suit that Beetlejuice had been summoned from the grave. The suit does not need to be perfect!!! I chose this look for my Beetlejuice costume because it is the most recognizable. Watch the movie again and Google pictures to refresh your memory.***

1. Make sure the suit is fairly free of wrinkles as these can cause problems during the taping & painting process.

2. Lay jacket and pants out seperatly and tape off sections you want to remain white. Make sure tape is stuck down properly or you will experience bleeding.
*Tape the pants VERTICALLY (up & down)
*Tape the jacket VERTICALLY (up & down) EXCEPT THE SLEAVES!
*Tape the jacket sleeves HORIZONITALLY completely around (left to right)

3. Line the inside of the clothing with poster board cut to size to avoid bleeding to the other side.

4. Lay pants flat and paint. Wait until dry and to finish other side.

5. Hang or lay jacket flat and paint the same as pants.

6. Remove tape

7. Dirty up suit by rubbing in dirt or mud (Remember he had been buried.)

8. Use fabric adhesive to glue moss onto suit.

9. Glue creepy crawlers onto suit and hang snakes outside of pockets.

Voila! Suit is done!!!

Step 3: The Hair

Beetlejuice has nappy whitish/yellowish/greenish hair. My hair at the time was jet black so I really had to fight to get it to be the right color. You might need to buy additional cans of paint depending on length, color, and texture of your own hair.

1. Start with dirty hair. Avoid washing for a day or two before the event.

2. Tease hair to the brink of it falling out.

3. Spray white all over

4. Spray yellow lightly over white to get a slightly yellow hue and more towards roots.

5. Spray green near roots to mimic mold.

6. Attach moss throughout hair and maybe weave in a snake or worm.

7. Spray allover with regular hairspray to set.

Step 4: The Make-Up

*Stippling is the process of pressing make-up onto skin using an up and down motion instead of rubbing. It creates a more life-like effect. Although it takes longer, it's well worth the trouble.

1. Prep face by washing, exfoliating and using a light moisturizer. This will help the make-up application easier and last longer.

2. As a guideline, draw a faint black line with a small brush around eye area that needs to remain black.

3. Use an orange sponge, stipple white make-up over all exposed areas. Include ears, neck and back of hands. Avoid the eye area where black will be applied.

4. Lightly stipple a yellow from bruise kit over white to make a sickly, undead pallor.

3. To create a more undead look. Shade under cheekbones, temples, nasolabial fold hairline, and hands with a light brown. This will give a sunken in look.

4. Continue with darker colors to mimic mold and rot using a black sponge. Focus on ears, hairline, side of neck and around lip area.

5. Use the purple and red from the bruise kit to shadow just under the eyes to create a bloodshot look. Using a dark brown and black, shade inside corners and other natural recesses of the eye area. Try not to spend to much time here as it can end up looking muddy if too much blending is done.

6. Make sure you capture the Michael Keaton eyebrow!

7. Using a round puff dipped in translucent powder, set make-up. Press the powder on as to not disturb or smear colors.

8. Dab spirit gum where moss is needed. Let dry to a tacky state and appily moss.

9. After brushing teeth, dry with a towel. Apply tobacco stain and let dry before closing mouth.

Step 5: Finish!

1. Put on clothes

2. Add stuffing to belly to make fuller if needed.

3. Tuck pants into boots.

4. Party like your "the ghost with the most!" & HAVE FUN!!!

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1 year ago

I had fun doing this


4 years ago

Where in the world does one find a white suit coat and pants?!


Reply 4 years ago

charity shop, although I have black and white striped trousers and jacket (they were all in fashion ages ago)