Bicycle Spark Shooting Technique




Do you want to show the neighborhood kids who is really boss?  Are you ready to wow all other cyclists at your next midnight ride?  If so read on and I will share the my secret bicycle spark shooting technique with you.

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Step 1: Step 1. Get a Spark Plate

This instructable works on the principle that when flint is dragged on the pavement it will leave behind a shower of sparks.  So where can we find a flint-like material up for the job?  Your local big-box retailer!  I picked up some Razor X spark cartridges for this project.  They are meant to be mounted on the back of a Spark SK8 board.  As I don't ride skateboards, I needed to figure out a way to attach this to my bicycle.

Step 2:

I pretty much gave up figuring out how to mount a spark cartridge on my bike.  So I did the next best thing -- I glued a spark cartridge onto a sandal!   You need some pretty strong glue for this job.  Shoe Goo or Plumbers Goop is perfect for the task.  Both glues are super strong, slightly flexible, and very permanent adhesives.  The glue is so strong that I will need to cut it off of my sandal if I ever get tired of shooting sparks.  All you need to do is put a thick layer of the glue on the spark cartridge and place it on the front of the sandal. Let it cure at least 8 hours for best results.

Step 3:

Once the glue is dry, you are ready to test it. Find a nice flat area, build up some speed, take your foot off the pedal and drag it on the ground making sure the spark cartridge hits the pavement and wow your friends.  This instructable works best at night.  Remember, this is a very dangerous instructable so only use it if you are comfortable on a bicycle. 

Check out the videos, it looks good during the day and Great at night!  Ride the night and remember to vote for me in the bicycle contest.

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    16 Discussions

    LED forrest

    4 years ago

    I'm mounting it on my rip stick


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are being sold as Tail Devils these days - my son has one on his skateboard!

    Could you attach that or a similar apparatus to your kickstand so as not to sacrifice functionality of your shoes?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The same can be accomplished with the flints for/from lighters.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Because everything is better with sparks! I like it!