Bicycle Rack Made Out of Old Car Tyres





Introduction: Bicycle Rack Made Out of Old Car Tyres

Here is a simple way to use old car tyres to make useful  and weather resistant rack for your bicycle.
I want to save top layer of earth with grass so I carefully cut it.
Then I dig a  hole shaped like "U" letter sized by tyre.
Put tyre inside, fill it with earth, and  put on top earth layer with grass.
Distance between two tyres was 5cm or about 2 inches.



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Hi, I got inspired, but as i put it in the garage I needed to cut the tyres into half, and screw them onto a desk. awful job without angle grinder...but 3tyres less lying in the woods...

some day i add a foto.


reply to stubbsonic correct tires will only last around 350 million years. Far from forever.

Thank you for your suggestions but my philosophy is to keep cost low, built easy and fast. And this rack was made like this because i'm not using it every day . Of course I like to hear your suggestions, those keep me to be better.Thanks

Very clever!!

I think the downside to the idea of making this very permanent (i.e. laying in with concrete) is that the tires won't last forever.

I suppose another approach would be to dig a long trench, bolt all the tires to a long flat plank (that run perpendicular to the tires) and set the long board and attached tires into the trench and fill with top soil (or crusher fines).

Soil us a surprisingly good anchor, and there would be very little load on it anyway, but I guess there'd be no harm in putting them in a trench, part-filling with concrete, maybe threading a length of rebar through and laying that in the concrete, then replacing the turf over the concrete.

Excellent idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Finding uses for old tires is always a good thing, plus this is really useful.

May I suggest that you share this at Bet they'd like it.

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