Big Drinking Bird

Introduction: Big Drinking Bird

I am an author and a maker. My current project is Santa's Shop. I'm working on a science fiction ...

This is a large drinking bird--made from a 3d scanned normal bird.

Step 1:

Start by painting the glass white on a normal drinking bird. Turn him on his head and scan.  The hat is too thin to scan well, so I'll design a hat.

Step 2:

Print the body and head, enlarged about 350%.

Step 3:

Print the hat and axle. Files are available at

Step 4:

Secure the bird's body using a screw (back side). Slide the axle over the tube, then secure the head with a screw.

Step 5:

Take a 1" x 2" by four feet long piece of oak and drill a 1 1/8" diameter hole in the center. Cut the board in half through the center of the hole.

Step 6:

Paint the "legs" your favorite color.

Step 7:

Design a foot in clay and scan it.

Step 8:

Merge the scanned foot with a designed base (I merge the STL files in TinkerCad).

Step 9:

Slide the legs into the base.

Step 10:

Glue googly eyes onto the head.  Attach the hat by melting it to the head with a soldering iron (use good ventilation or outside).

Set the bird assembly onto the legs.

Give the bird a push every time you walk by--it will bob for about a minute.



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    2 Discussions

    Why didn't you go ahead and use the bulb and tubes filled with methylene chloride for the continuous bobbing effect?

    Thank you for your time sharing,But too cost money to buy the machine for make it.