Binary Counting




Introduction: Binary Counting

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Count to over one thousand using nothing but your fingers.



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    132 is double middle fingers lol

    it is. in this instance each finger represents a 1 when it is up and a 0 when it's down. so 0000000000 = 0, 0000000001 = 1, 0000000010 = 2, 0000000011 = 3 and 0000000100 = 4. Understand? So that would make your number 1,299,994,592,554.

    this one is easier to understand, but the others are more in depth....i prefer this...

    so let's say there are 6 fingers, would the sixth one be 32?it confuses me so much... From what i understand, to some people binary comes to people naturally while others have to learn it.That and a fun fact is that certain puzzles are based on binary,you have to fugure wich ones have to be on (1) and off (0) at the right time and after a while you notice a pattern...

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    yes. all you do is take the previous number and multiply it by 2. when you want to write letters you would write in bits or sections of eight

    omg a cartoon flipped me off. you 4er!!! really that shouldn't be posted i think. there is no such thing as four anymore

    The poster/cartoon is nice but seriously flawed. Using all ten fingers and all ten toes would result in 1,048,575 possible combination. Assuming you started counting at zero. I don't know how the cartoonist missed the other 8000 combinations. iMaybe the small toes are worth a little less........1,040,575 is not 2 to the 20th power. 2 to the 20th is 1,048,576, ie One Megabyte. Good job "Spiff" you get the A for the day for pointing out the error!

    frederick pohl wrote an essay about this. "how to count on your fingers" it was at the end of the his short-story collection "digits and dastards".