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This project was made so that you could make binaural recordings which are recordings that are very realistic sounding. These recordings are only realistic sounding because they are recorded in a similar way that people hear sound. Also these recordings are only realistic sounding when listening with good headphones.

An example of binaural recording is: (this is not my video)

Originally posted by me:

Step 1: Print All the Pieces

The files can also be found here:

If you don't have a 3d printer you can get it printed at

Settings: Use whatever settings you normally do, you can make the infill low since none of these are load bearing. The only part that will need support is the side_parts.stl


(1) main_body.stl

(1) top.stl

(2) side_parts.stl needs support material

(1) nut_holder.stl

(1) thumb_screw_top.stl

(1) ear_left.stl

(1) ear_right.stl

Step 2: Buy Parts

(2) 1/4" nuts

(1) 1/4" hex bolt

(1) stereo microphone (similar ones were used, two of them wired together to stereo)

Optional: cotton balls

Step 3: Assembly (should Be Easy)

Glue a 1/4" nut in the bottom of the main_body

Glue a 1/4" nut in the nut_holder

Glue the nut_holder in the main_body at the top

Glue the thumb_screw_top to a 1/4" hex bolt

Glue the ears onto the side_parts (the angle of the ears should be close and the holes should line up fairly close too)Feed microphones into the main_body

Insert microphones into the side_parts left mic with left ear ect.

Insert side_parts into main_body

Optional: fill main_body with cotton balls

Put the top on the main_body

Insert the screw through the top and tighten (not too tight)

Step 4: Your'e Done




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    2 years ago

    Interesting project!