Binder Clip Stand for a Tablet or IPad... or Anything for That Matter

When I decided to build my own binder clip stand I had a long list of requirements in mind:

- it must be usable with both horizontal and vertical orientations
- it must be usable with or without a power cable plugged in
- it must hold the tablet at an adequate viewing angle
- it must be a stable platform
- it must not clip directly onto the device or cable (this scratches them!)
- it must be simple to build, requiring no tools or superhuman bending strength

Following an afternoon of tinkering, the universal binder clip stand was born.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

12 medium binder clips, 1.25" size
3 small binder clips
1 large paper clip, unfolded

Crazy colors not necessary.

Step 2: Create the First Row

Take 4 medium clips and 3 small clips.

Clip the 3 small binder clips in between the 4 medium binder clips as shown in the photo. 

This creates the front of the base of the stand.

Step 3: Attach the Second Row

Take 3 binder clips.

Clip each one above the first row, clamping down between each arm of the binder clips in the first row.

This creates the second row of the stand, and helps stabilize the base.

Step 4: Attach the Back of the First Row

Take 3 binder clips.

You're going to add to the back of the base by clamping the arms of the first and second rows together.  What you want to do is pull down the back arm of each binder clip in the second row so that it's in between the back arms of the binder clips in the first row.  Use a new binder clip to clamp all three of those arms together.  Take a look at the third photo for a close up.

This will push the second row forward a little bit so that the viewing angle is not so far pitched backwards when you place weight on it.

Step 5: Attach the Third Row

Take 2 binder clips.

Like you did for the second row, clamp each new binder clip between the arms of binder clips in the second row.  Fold both arms of the third row binder clips down to stabilize the third row.

Step 6: Add the Paper Clip Bar

Unfold the large paper clip and so that it forms a curve as shown in the picture.  It doesn't have to be exact, but essentially this is the front bar that holds the tablet against the stand.

Slip the ends of the paper clip down through the arm holes of the small binder clips.  The ends of the paper clip should be curved underneath the small binder clips.

Step 7: Stand Stuff Up

That's it, enjoy!

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