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Sometimes words are not enough for your sharing your feelings and emotions. That’s when you need Bloomie! Bloomie is a product for people to share their emotions through lights. When you trigger certain interaction, the message will be sent to the other person’s Bloomie. By using Bloomie, you can share your frustration, excitement and console with people who you love. Bloomie has three interaction functions.

A: When you are frustrated or disappointed, you can shake Bloomie, which will make the flowers blinking in red frantically.

B: You can make your frustrated friend calm by sending light signal by using the first button. Or you can just use when you are feeling calm.

C: When you press the second button, the flowers will blink in various colors. Share your excitement and joy by using this button!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials for the project: fake flowers(ideally, white flowers), two boxes, wires, two Adafruit Feather Huzzah, two breadboards, two vibration sensor switch, neopixels, four pushbuttons, lithium batteries, four resistors

Step 2: Make the Circuit

1. Solder the Neopixels into one long line

2. Connect the Huzzah to the breadboard

3. Connect the Neopixels, pushbuttons, resistors to the breadboard according to the circuit diagram.

Tip: Take the photo of Huzzah before you attach it so that you can refer to it when you cannot read which pin is which!

Step 3: Code

The process of how the code works is

A: Getting signals(inputs)

B: Send data to Adafruit IO feed

C: Send data back to the both circuits and trigger interactions

Step 4: Attach the Circuit to the Box

Attach the breadboard to the bottom of the box and make a hole to pull out the Neopixels out. Then attach the neopixels in a spiral.

Tip: Make sure you use electrical tape to make the connection of Neopixels stronger!

Step 5: Cover the Box With Flowers

Some flowers have styrofoam balls inside. Those balls keep the shape of the flowers, but they blocks the lights from Neopixels. Therefore it is better to pull out those balls and use glue gun to keep the shape. Then you can attach those flowers on to the box! Be sure to attach the flowers in the right place(where it can diffuse the lights the most)

Step 6: Enjoy Your Bloomie!

Enjoy your Bloomie with your friends and family members! Bloomie will let you experience new kind of interaction with your loved ones.

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