Bluetooth Stereo System on a Pallet As a Themed Decoration




Introduction: Bluetooth Stereo System on a Pallet As a Themed Decoration

About: I am a DIY enthusiast and self taught designer.

Stereo system was made up of 4-channel car amplifier, woofer, tweeters, bluetooth receiver and a PC power supply.

I also mounted Qi wireless phone charger and sound activated LED lights.

For the build:

  • 1x pallet
  • 1x car amplifier
  • 1x woofer
  • 2x tweeters
  • 1x USB bluetooth receiver
  • 1x Sound activated LED lamp
  • 1x PC power supply
  • 1x QI wireless charger
  • 2x USB extension cords
  • 1x AUX cable
  • 1x power strip

Step 1: Safety Note: Use Only Heat Treated Pallets!

I've sanded euro pallet and painted in yellow/black all visible parts.

Step 2:

Drilled two holes so it can be hanged on the wall.

Step 3: Edit: Print Work Details

I made 80x120cm file in Illustrator, converted Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl with a hair ribbon” pic to vectors and resized it to fit the size, made a custom crop marks for each sheet of paper which will be printed. When all sheets were printed (HP laserjet 3500), I've cut upper and bottom part of the each print following crop marks. Then glued one beneath another on a pallet. Next day (most enjoyable part) cutted left and right part of each glued paper with a scalpel.

Edit 2: I've uploaded Illustrator file with crop marks for A4 paper size (artboard is 80x120cm = EUR pallet). You'll need some Illustrator skills for this.

Step 4:

Made a hole for woofer with jigsaw, and tweeter holes with drilling crown.

Step 5:

Kenwood woofer 25cm/10" mounted with screws.

Step 6:

Pioneer tweeters mounted on lower side of pallet.

Step 7:

Sawed 9,5x9,5cm piece of 0,5cm thick wood for QI wireless phone charger.

Step 8:

QI charger mounted on the side and connected to a 5V USB jack; wired from PC power supply.

Step 9:

PC power supply attached in the back of a pallet vertically.

Step 10:

720W Kenwood car amplifier powered by 12V (yellow wires) from PC power supply. Mounted with 4 screws.

Step 11:

power strip for PC power supply and LED lamp.

Step 12:

Bluetooth receiver powered by 5V (red wire) from PC power supply. Connected to an amplifier with AUX cable.

Step 13:

Sound activated LED lamp hanged in the back.

Step 14:

ATX power supply bridged with piece of wire to power it up automatically without motherboard or switch. (third and fourth pin)

Step 15:

All done and ready. Sound is clear and extremely loud, although I skipped closing and sealing all sides around woofer which would definitely give more bass kick.

Step 16:

Connect any of your bluetooth device with it (phone, tablet, notebook) and play music wirelessly.

Step 17: More to Come..

Kone Mei project.

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    19 Discussions

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Kone Mei I have been wanting to do something like this forever. Specifically for my 16 year old grand daughters room. Do you have info to pass on that would explain how to do this with any picture.

    2 replies

    I've added Illustrator file, replace the image with your own and print it. (unfortunately it's not quick and easy without Illustrator skills)

    Thank you!! I'm a beginner Illustrator user but I'll work at it till I get it. But then I just thought of something. You can take things like this to blue printers and such and they can print things for you that large. But I do want to give it a try myself first. Thanks again

    Really top, it would be nice to have more info on the part printing / collage!

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    Looks like you may have added some wood to the lower half so more of the picture would show up? Could you explain the process please?

    2 replies

    I've added 4 planks from behind, visible at step 15.

    I love the art aspect of this and would like to make something similar;
    how did you add more wood at the bottom so you could see more of the

    1 reply

    ?? Impresionante y muy creativo ????

    Fantastic! I love this. My only minor criticism would be that it'd be nice if the main speaker was more part of the picture.

    Great Stuff!

    Could you post a video to see and ear how it works?

    Complimenti sei un artista !! Matt from Italy

    Nice, maybe I'll do soon

    Really cool! I love that you turned a utilitarian-type thing into a piece of art!

    This looks awesome!