Boho Ribbon DIY

Introduction: Boho Ribbon DIY

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Turn scrap fabrics into funky boho ribbons for your sewing and no sew projects!

Step 1: Watch the Quick Video Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

E-6000 Stitchless (Iron on glue)

Printed cotton fabrics


Pinking shears (or decorative edge scissors)

Step 3: Here's How

1. Draw 1 1/2" lines across the fabric

2. & 3. Cut the strips, along the lines, with the pinking shears

4. Draw 1" lines across a contrasting/matching fabric

5. Cut the 1" strips with pinking shears

6. & 7. Add a thin line of E-6000 Stitchless to the end of a 1 1/2" strip and iron it to another strip *Continue doing this to create a long piece of 1 1/2" wide ribbon

8. & 9. Add thin lines of Stitchless to the edges of the 1" strips and press them to center of the the 1 1/2" wide strips

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