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Introduction: Book to Tablet Stand

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Tablet stand made from a 400 page book and some epoxy resin. Paper micarta is the proper term for it, but it doesn't really capture the essence of the idea. Those 400 pages hold but a single story, and now they can upright a device capable of holding thousands of stories.
Really it's the ultimate upcycling!

And with only a book and 30 some odd ounces of epoxy, you can make your own!

Thank for you for idea Caleb:

Want to see more? Here is the link to my website article on this project! :



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    I love how you make it sound like it's. just for more reading... haha. great idea though.

    If you add small pieces of cereal box carboard in between the pages so that ther are un-evenly leveled, you could get "3D-waves" once flattened with the sander. Same things knifemakers do in their micarta to make patterns and decorations ;)

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    Totally! I really wanted to see the words on the outside, but you could absolutley have left the cover on.