Bookcase With Dog Parts

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My daughter (a 2nd grade teacher) asked me to make a bookcase for her classroom.  She gave me the rough dimensions, then added, "make it interesting!"   So,  I decided I would make one and add some dog parts!

I built the bookcase out of particle board shelving and a half sheet of Masonite.  I used three coats of royal blue oil-based enamel on the bookcase.  The dog parts were made from scrap 2x10 pine lumber, and a cheap pair of sunglasses from the dollar store.  I painted a base coat of white latex, then added spots of grey.  All the decorative dog parts are attached to the bookcase with screws.

What started me on this design was actually safety.  Because the lower legs stick out in front, this bookcase is virtually impossible to fall over, should a 2nd grader decide to scale it like a ladder.  And, by making the upper legs bend downward, no child could grab them and pull.  And the sunglasses.....well, they're to keep the bright lights out of the dog's eyes!

This was a fun project!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I had to click through just to make sure they weren't taxidermied dog parts. Phew.

    This is an awesome bookshelf! Especially for a 2nd grade classroom. Safety + cuteness = perfection. Nice work.

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