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Introduction: Bookshelf Speaker | Bluetooth Speaker | Build

About: Hi my name is Steve and i'm a Creative and I got Technical skills i can build anything just stick to my account . I'm a YouTuber so you also can see my all videos here

Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Today i'm going to show you How to Build a Bookshelf Speaker or a Bluetooth Speaker .

I'm Really impressed with the Sound Quality .

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Step 1: Speaker Photos

Step 2: What I Used

1. MDF - 18 mm

2. Circular Saw

3. Wood Router

4. Hand Drill

5. Sander

6. Wood Glue

Step 3: Drivers

1. 6" Pearless MidBass

2. 3" Dome Tweeter

Step 4: Measurements

Height - 28 cm

breadth - 17 cm

Depth - 20 cm

Step 5: Assembled All the Things

assembled all the wood pics with wood glue and nails

Step 6: Black Skin

i used a black skin for cover

Step 7: Amplifier

i used a TDA7492p Bluetooth Amplifier

Where To Buy "Cheapest"

TDA7492P Bluetooth Board - click

150 Watt DC to DC Converter - click

Click Here to See The Video

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3 years ago

Could you please let me know where did you bought the speakers? A wonderful project.

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Wow. That is a really impressive bluetooth system.