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I have been wanting to do some kind of bottle cap project for a while. So here it is

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You have to first get enough bottle caps (I did 15 columns with 9 rows in each so I needed 135 bottle caps.) once you get all the caps, it helps to assemble them in the position you are wanting them to be in.

For hanging them I used fishing line with fishing weights on the end to make it more secure. I hung them from a piece of driftwood that I found, sanded and painted. (I got the quart of paint for 95¢ at a Goodwill!!)

Step 2: The Beginnings

To start this I cut fishing line in lengths of like 15" so that I would be able to mess up.

I cut holes in the wood 1.25" apart from each other then painted it.

Step 3: The Long Haul

This is the part where it got very time consuming. (And there might be a better way to do this, but this was the way I did it.)

I took some leftover screws and hammered two holes at the top and bottom of each bottle cap. Then I would stitch the fishing line through it and hot glue the backs of the caps once I had a column finished. This seemed to work fine.

Step 4: The Finish Line

After all the columns were finished I began threading the leftover fishing line through the holes. Instead of tying a knot I thought it would be easier just to put another weight on the opposite side of the wood. That worked good so I left it.

And then it's finished. Maybe some tweaking and turning the line so that they're all facing the same way but other than that you're good.



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