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Hi,it's Yuu. This time, I will introduce the "bra cover" for you!

What if you see you or your family or your girl friend's bra.That's not cool!

In that case,you can use "bra cover".


yarn1 1m×8

yarn2 1m×8

yarn3 1m×8



Masking tape

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Step 1: Cut

Cut the thread to 1 m × (24)

yarn1 1m×4

yarn1a 1m×4

yarn2 1m×4

yarn2a 1m×4

yarn3 1m×4

yarn3a 1m×4

Step 2: To Summarize

Combine with Masking tape.

Step 3: To Knit

To knit

Step 4: Completion

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    2 Discussions

    Mary Ellen Waithe

    1 year ago

    I understand the purpose: to conceal the visible top of the bra. But wouldn't it be easier and much cheaper to simply pick a coordinating print of ribbon (so many varieties are easily available) and stick the ribbon onto the bra? Takes far less time, and less money also.