Brazilian Fruits Mobile With Quilling Paper ;)



About: Hi! I'm a brazilian student of veterinary that loves to reuse thinks and create pieces that use seeds, paper and plants from my region ;)

Hi everyone!! :)

Hope you're fine and ready to release your immagination!

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Step 1: Paper Is Important ;)

First of all: find a nice paper to quilling :) I choose those metallic ones:

Step 2: Fruits Are Important Too

You have to find/search a fruit that can be used as a base to glue the paper.

I found those in the University I study, it's from a tree called Jacarand√°-mimoso (Jacaranda mimosifolia, D. Don)

Step 3: Seeing Better the Fruit

Inside the fruit you can see the winged seeds :)

You have to leave it on the sun to totally open and release the seeds, so now you can finish open the fruit with the tool that you wish.

Step 4: Finally, Making It Together

As you can see in many instructables here, now you have to roll the paper and make the formats you want, please, if you don't understand how I make it, search for "quilling paper" here and find a better explanation :)

I leave it in the sun to dry :D

Step 5: Just Another Flower

I just made it as the previous and pick a piece of fabric to tie and glue it in the other side of the fruit.

Step 6: If You Wanna See Two Examples of Butterflies...

... I did it in other half of a fruit and again, going to the frame for the mobile

Step 7: Making the Frame

I used one hashi (japanese cutlery), tie, clip paper, super bonder and immagination *lol*

I also used a piece of a pen to finish the mobile!

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