Kaffir Lime for Personal Remedy



Introduction: Kaffir Lime for Personal Remedy

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The reasons I brewed the kaffir lime were...

  1. to moisturizes the skin to prevent dandruff and improves the appearance and shine.
  2. to eliminate bad breath.

The Benefits Kaffir Lime as Personal Remedy

    1. It moisturizes the skin to prevent dandruff and improves the appearance and shine.
    2. The leaves can promote good oral health and eliminate harmful bacteria that can build up in the mouth.
    3. It serves as a deterrent for lice and nits.

    Benefits of Salt

      1. Salt temporarily increases the pH balance of your mouth, creating an alkaline environment in which bacteria struggle to survive. Because they – along with most other natural species – generally prefer an acidic environment, using the rinse often enough can make it difficult for bacteria to breed. Thus, it eliminate the bad breath.
      2. Rinsing with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in an 8-ounce glass of water can kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.










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      Step 1: The Ingredients

      You can buy this items in your grocery store. (However, luckily I've planted a kaffir lime tree in my garden and now, its bear fruits)

        1. 1 kaffir lime
        2. A few leaves of kaffir lime
        3. 1 tsp of pink salt
        4. A jar of dechlorinated water


        1. Mason jar
        2. Kitchen knife
        3. Cutting board

        Step 2: How to Brew

        Brewing the kaffir lime is easy as pie in five simple steps.

        1. Firstly, I slice the lime and put it in a jar.
        2. Then, I crunch the leaves before put in in the jar.
        3. I add 1 tsp of salt (also acts to extract the essence of the limequicker).
        4. I fill the jar with dechlorinated water.
        5. Lastly, I let the solution sit overnight.


        I prepare the solution after having shower in the evening and let it cold brew overnight so that the essence of the lime infuse in the water. In the morning, it is ready to use.

        Step 3: Forget Those Anti Dandruff and Anti Lice Shampoo

        I use three quarter of the solution to rinse my hairs and massage the scalp. It will moisturizes the skin to prevent dandruff and improves the appearance and shine (It will also fight lice and nits). After having shower, it is like you had put on a natural cologne.

        Step 4: Forget Also the Alcoholic Mouthrinse

        Many mouthwashes have alcohol in them – some as much as 20%, which is a big problem, and that increases the risk of mouth or oral cancer, which is a growing problem in some countries.

        After using it as a shampoo, I have some leftover to rinse my mouth (gargle the solution thoroughly in the mouth and rinse after with water).

        Word of Warning

        Please do not accidentally drink the liquid while gargling, as it can result in nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, and other unpleasant side effects.


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