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The BrickPi is a slide-on board from Dexter Industries that turns your Raspberry Pi into a robot. The BrickPi helps you connect LEGO® Mindstorms sensors, motors, and parts to easily turn your credit card size computer into a powerful robot. To buy the Brick Pi or know more about it, click here.

This guide which will help you configure and get started with a BrickPi. This will help you set up all the software and other dependencies for the BrickPi and you should be able to use the BrickPi with C,Python or Scratch without any issuse.

Equipment you will need:
  • Raspberry Pi (with an SD Card and WiFi dongle or Ethernet)
  • BrickPi Board
  • Battery Pack

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Step 1: Power on the Raspberry Pi With the Brick Pi

Slide the BrickPi on top of the Raspberry Pi and power it on using a battery Pack. For more help on this, refer to the Dexter Industries guide to powering on the BrickPi.

Step 2: Log on to the Raspberry Pi

Log on to the Raspberry Pi using SSH, VNC or a monitor and open the Terminal. Click here for more help on connecting to the Raspberry Pi

Step 3: Clone the BrickPi Repository

Clone the BrickPi Github repository at an appropriate location.
sudo git clone

Step 4: Go to the Scripts Directory

There would be a new directory called "BrickPi" in your current location. Open that and go to the "script" folder. You'll see a shell script named "".
cd Brickpi/script

Step 5: Make the Script Executable

Make the script as executable
sudo chmod +x

Step 6: Run the Script

Ensure that the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet and run the script.
sudo ./
Press Enter to start when prompted.
Raspberry Pi will automatically restart when the script is completed.

Step 7: Programming With the BrickPi

Now, you can use the Brick with C, Python and Scratch. Here are the guides to each of them
If you face any problems, you can always find help on the BrickPi Forums

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    The BrickPi is a board that plugs into the RaspberryPi and lets you run LEGO Mindstorms devices. You can program it with Scratch, a visual programming language from MIT, Python, C, etc. The Mindstorms kit has motors and sensors you can use to build robots or other things. It also has a steep price - $349 for the core set which is basically four motors and the sensors. The good news is you can buy these parts separately. There are color, infrared, ultrasonic, gyro and temperature sensors you can buy from LEGO from $20 to $40 dollars. There are two types of motors - $25 for the big one, $20 for the smaller one. The bigger motors don't just turn, they supply feed back and can be programmed to act as stepper motors. Dexter's has parts as well, one of which is a GPS module. Spend $99 for the Mindstorms Expansion kit and you have 853 LEGO parts to build your robot or device with! By the way if you are going to get into the BrickPi Dexter's has a per-configured SD image you can download and transfer to the card. It has Scratch and Python examples for you to try out to get you started.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with the above poster. What is this for? What does the brick pi do? Please educate me! Thanks

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    If I were you I might put in a section explaining what is the brick pi and what it can be used for or even just a link. I must not be the only one unsure of what it is.