Bridge Prototype Using Ice-cream Sticks

Introduction: Bridge Prototype Using Ice-cream Sticks

This is a model of bridge made using ice-cream sticks.i made this model using ice-cream sticks,glue and plastic clamps.i want to be a civil engineer so that's why i showed my interest in making a bridge model.

My answers to the Make-to-Learn contest-

what did you make?
i made a model of bridge using ice-cream sticks,glue,plastic clamps. Approximately 110 sticks were used.The basic idea behind using triangular joint was that it has high strength as compared to any other shape

How did you make it?
first of all i glued sticks into triangular shape called as truss and then i combined these trusses using glue and used plastic clamps to hold them properly so that  the joints will be stronger. To create a platform for the bridge i firstly interconnected the two structures of trusses using sticks and then i made a base using sticks on this platform and then i made supports of the bridge.
Internet helped me a lot in making this bridge model.

Where did you make it?
I made it at my home.

What did you learn?
I want to be a civil engineer so thats why i choose this project to be done and i got a lot of knowledge about design concept of a structure,how to make a strong joint in a bridge,and a lot about truss.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice design. You will be a good civil engineer.