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Introduction: Briefcase Boombox Portable Speaker

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This is how I turned my dad's vinyl briefcase from the 80's into a usable extremely loud concealed boombox. Everything here was made from parts around the house. You might have seen other suitcases with speakers attached to the outside, but I decided to have it on the inside to protect the speaker and make it look like a briefcase instead of a boombox.

What you will need is:
A briefcase (or something hard to screw a speaker into)
Old computer speakers that have a 9 volt input
A speaker (I used a 6x9 car speaker)
Small bolts and nuts
A 9 volt battery attachment from radioshack
A dremel tool or drill

Step 1
Take the computer speaker apart. What you are trying to get out is the computer part that connects to its speaker. Detach from the speaker. Strip the wire and take the plug off.

Step 2
Attach the 9 volt battery to the power point on the old computer speaker insides. make sure to twist this on pretty good otherwise it could come loose.

Step 3
Attach the wire that was attached to your computer speaker to the new speaker. Turn on the speaker (because you left the power button and volume control on the old speaker) and test to see if it turns on. I left my light on there so when it turns on the light goes on. Now test to see it music comes though by attaching an ipod or something. Great - it works!

Step 4 
Take the speaker and make an outline with a pencil. Take your dremel tool or drill and drill a bunch of holes. Then attach your speaker with nuts and bolts.

There you go! A lot of people have thought this is pretty cool. It's a whole lot louder than you would think. Bring an extra 9 volt battery. It will last 4-6 hours continuous because you're putting a lot of power into a big speaker with a small battery.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. I made one of these this summer in a 7.62 ammo can. Making a bigger version for my dad for xmas with 2 8inch speakers, and upgraded amp, and a larger battery for longer music sessions.


    this is a great project, would it be possible for you to rotate your main image of your Instructable?

    Thank you

    Instructables Community Manager


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Audrey - I am not sure why the images are sideways. I took them on my iphone and uploaded to google drive. They only went sideways when they were uploaded to the instructables website.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    here's a video of it playing: