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Introduction: Bring Your Own Moon

About: Make it yourself if you cannot buy one!

We will not get lost in the night when the Moon light go along with you. But how about the day before new Moon? Why don't you bring your own Moon alone with you?

This instructables show how to make a 2.5 inches rechargeable Moon key ring go alone with you.

Step 1: Preparation


Any tiny Lipo with around 250-500 mAh is ok, this time I am using a 102025 Lipo battery.

Charge Board

Any Lipo charge board with micro USB socket should be ok.


A 0.5 - 1W LED with voltage regulator.


A 8 mm X 8 mm X 8 mm power switch.

Key Ring

A key ring set with a ring that can screw into the switch hat.

Step 2: 3D Printing

Download the 3D model at Thingiverse and print it out:

Step 3: Soldering Work

The connection is very simple, here is the connection summary:

Lipo +ve -> Charge Board Battery +ve pin
         -> Power Switch -> LED +ve pin
Lipo -ve -> Charge Board Battery -ve pin
         -> LED -ve pin

Step 4: Hot Glue Assembly

Use hot glue fix the components to the key ring hat and then stick the hat with the Moon body together.

Step 5: Key Ring Assembly

Screw the ring to the switch hat and then chain the key ring together.

Step 6: Charge the Battery

Plug the USB power to the Moon key ring and wait for fully charged.

Step 7: Bring Your Own Moon!

Its time to bring your own Moon alone with you!



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    5 Discussions

    Awesome, I imagine this could work with a light sensor to use as a fixed outdoor light too. Very cool!

    This would have been wonderful to have the last time I lost my keys outside at night. It took it several people I know a lot of time to find them in the grass. But not if I had had this little guy. A very clever idea


    19 days ago

    The link to the file on Thingiverse is bad - it's just points right back to the instructable.

    1 reply

    Hi kd7eir, thanks for tell me that, I have updated the correct link.