Browser Based Teleoperation for the LaptopWheels Project

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Intro: Browser Based Teleoperation for the LaptopWheels Project

Welcome back!

Well, I've been working on some new code to run on the LaptopWheels robotic platform. This specific code is for remote control operation with video feedback, from a web browser, so that a client PC has no need to install software, or handle the system configuration.

For real-time lagless video streaming, the best solution that I've found to date is RoboRealm's built-in MJPEG web server and client applet.

At the moment, http and client/server sockets' ports are not forwarded through my home wireless router to the 'net, so only by using my VPN could I control this robot over the internet, but, it is possible to forward the needed ports, as long as the host's IP address or internet host name is known, and static.

I would like to release the code I have on a wikipedia-style code storage engine, online, but I don't know of a good system like that, at the moment. I am thinking of starting a SourceForge project, but unless there's any interest, I probably won't take the time to do that. If anyone has any suggestions for source code sharing, please let me know, in the comments.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, did you present this project elsewere? Pretty interestin' stuff. I studied with a guy who did something like this for his masters (maybe you?). Will you post your code or program?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't post this anywhere else, but I do have some other related work using the same robotic platform. I also did this project in my own time, and not for school credit. I might post my code, but it is fairly crude, and it wouldn't be suited to any other robots, because it would require a different communication protocol.