Bucking Battery

Introduction: Bucking Battery

Using a couple of components you can build yourself a bucking 9v battery toy easy and fun!

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Step 1: Get Materials

For this project you will need

1 9v battery

1 Switch

1 motor

Some 18 gauge wire

Hot glue gun

Step 2: Building

Glue your motor to your battery with the wires pointing up as to allow easy access.

Step 3: Attach Switch

Attach switch to red motor wire and then hot glue the other end onto the positive 9v battery lead.

Step 4: Black Wire

Now attach the black wire to the negative lead and hot glue in place.

Step 5: Tire

Now create a tire using the 18 Gauge wire by stripping the copper wire of the rubber casing and make sure to save the rubber as it will be the tire. You can also experiment with varying lengths of rubber to see different outcomes.

Step 6: Attach Tire

Now take the stripped rubber and place it over the motor peg as pictured

Step 7: Turn It On!

Now turn on your bucking 9v battery and see how long it can stay going before it falls over!

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    Collin Chidiac

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