Build Your Electronic Lab With 400€

Introduction: Build Your Electronic Lab With 400€

Hi Everyone, last year I decided to build my own electronic lab because I need to for university, repair electronics and test equipment for my blog :)

Now, I want to share with you some solutions for your own lab, and you can replace your old tools or complete your new lab ;)

There's my little lab, and now, let´s know what you need!

Step 1: Breadboard Kit

First, you need a breadboard and jumper cables to test your circuits! And this kit have a power supply adaptor for this breadboard, it's a must have and make easy to connect one usb cable or a power supply on breadboard :)

Price: 5 euro

Link: Breadboard kit

Step 2: Power Supply

Well, this isn't my power supply (because I bought 5 years ago and they don't sell now), but it's very similar. This power supply is cheap and have only one channel. It have a adjustable 0-30v and 0-5A, that make this power supply good enough to power all my circuits.

Price: 59 euro

Link: SKYTOPOWER Power Supply

Step 3: Multimeter

Everyone need a multimeter to verify resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc... and test circuits :) And I think in this moment, the best quality/price multimeter is UNI-T 61E. I bought my multimeter 2 years ago and it works incredible well :) Have a lot of features! You can see more here here: Unit-T 61E page

Price: 48 euro

Link: Uni-T 61E

Step 4: Oscilloscope

Well, I bought my oscilloscope two months ago, and I choosed one cheap and portable, isn't the best but have a good quality/price relation. It's the Owon 1022I, one USB-oscilloscope 25MHz, 100Ms/s Sample rate and it work fine until 20 MHz :) Have two channels and give me all I need to test my circuits :) This version have a USB protection to doesn't burn USB port and you can find more about this portable oscilloscope here: Owon 1022I documentation

Price: 120 euro

Link: Owon 1022I

Step 5: Function Generator

If you have an oscilloscope, you will need one function generator too :) And my choose was a MHS 5200A, it's a cheap with some nice features. This last model upgraded the waveform amplitude resolution for 12 bits, have 20Vpp, 25Mhz, two channels and usb port to connect to your PC and save all data :) I tested this model and it only have a decent waveform until 20MHz, but it is good enough for me.

Price: 63 euro

Link: MHS 5200AMHS 5200A

Step 6: Soldering Station

On my office I repair some machines and electronic circuits, and I need a soldering station to replace all broken or burned components. My choose was HUAYU H898+ 700w because it have a good feedback. It heat quickly and have a iron solder and hot air for SMD. Very complete and cheap!

Price: 62 euro

Link: HUAYU H898

Step 7: Tools

You will need tools to work on electronics, and there's some tools that you will need are:

Electronic Screwdrivers

Price: 7 euro

Link: Screwdrivers


Price: 5 euro

Link: Tweezers


Price 17 euro

Link: plierspliers

Magnifying glass

Price 13 euro

Link: Magnifying glass

Step 8: Electronic Kits

There's a lot of kits to choose, but you will decide what you really want after try and learn electronics with time. Is you want, you can buy:

Starter kit:

Price: 17 euro

Link: electronic kit

Starter kit with arduino:

Price: 16 euro

Link: kit arduino

Step 9: End

Thank you for read this instrusctable, I hope that it help students, geeks and people that want to learn electronics. It's possible build a cheap lab to start our research, study and make projects. I accept suggestions and critics, please feel free to tell me other solutions :D Happy new year for all

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Is that soldering station really that good? I'm also thinking about new one. I was thinking about Ersa Icon1 but for now it is too expensive for me and doesn't have hot air. Can you use different tips with soldering iron?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hey, I like it, the iron works well, and the hot air you can adjust the heat and the air flow. tomorrow I can take a photo to see better :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    I did a little of research and found out, that you can buy different tips for it. I ordered now one from Gearbest. Did you ordered from there too? Did your soldering station get through the customs duty quickly? Was it neccesary in your country?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes I bought on gearbest. I'm from Portugal, it arrived 2/3 weeks after been shipped


    Reply 3 years ago

    I hope it comes to Slovenia now :D


    Reply 3 years ago

    You can see what do you want


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your photos :)