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Hey! everyone My name is Steve .

Today i'm going to show you How to make a mini drill

You can use it for drilling pcb , wood & plastic etc

This drill can accept 0.8mm to 1.5mm drill bits

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Let's Start

Step 1: Stuff I Used

" The motor link i've provided comes with all the set you need to build mini drill "

Step 2: Building

  • Clamp the pvc pipe on the tabe
  • Use a hot air gun to soft the pvc pipe
  • now insert the motor in the pvc

Step 3: Connection

  • Now connect 2 wire coming from motor to dc jack with screw driver

Step 4: Building Cap

  • I used 12mm MDF
  • Now cut a hole using a 23mm hole saw
  • Now drill 12mm hole in the center with step drill bit to fit the dc jack

Step 5: Installing the Cap

  • now glue the cap with dc jack using a super glue (as shown in the picture )
  • now again use a hot air gun to soft the pvc pipe
  • now insert the cap

Step 6: Bit Adapter Install

  • Now install the chunk on the shaft
  • now install the drill bit

Step 7: Running

  • i used my bench power supply to power this up
  • motor need 5v - 12v to run

Click Here to See The Video

You Just Made It

Now just Plug the power and enjoy

Thank you for visiting my Instructables Stay tuned for next Projects



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    5 Discussions

    computer freak3

    2 years ago

    thats kool but i think it would do better if you cut cooling slots in the pvc and taped a piece of pantyhose over the motor before you put it in the pvc,that way you wont cook the motor by it getting to hot.

    2 replies
    talontsSteve Willson Kujur

    Reply 2 years ago

    You could also trying drilling extra holes in the end plug to allow air in/out. The odds of plugging them with dust are pretty low considering they will be relatively far away from the drilling point and protected by your hand. If worried about the dust, a little cotton in each hole would filter decently.