Build a Lock Bar for a Sliding Glass Door



Sliding glass door locks are vulnerable to break-ins and one way to increase security is to add a door bar.   I created some inexpensive bars using a 3D printer and a length of pvc pipe.  


(2) 3D printed ABS Bar Holders
(1) 1/2 Schedule 40 PVC pipe
Double sided tape
Velcro - sticky back

Step 1: Print the Bar Holders

Download the attached stl file (SlidingDoor.stl) and print using a 3D printer.  I made it at the TechShop:

Step 2: Attach to Frame, Cut PVC and Attach Velcro

Use the double sided to attach the bar holders to the door frame.  You may need to offset the holders to prevent interference.

Measure the distance between the two holders and cut your PVC pipe to match (less 1/16").

Wrap a small amount of Velcro to one end of the pipe and to the door frame.  This allows the bar to be securely stored when not in use.




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