Build a Super Cheap Pvc Steadicam

So one day for a film project at school I realized that I needed to take a moving shot, but I knew that trying to run or even walk with a camera would make the video look awful. This lead me to the idea of using a counter balance to help fix this problem which lead to this build!

Step 1: Parts Required

you will need :

A 1 inch wide 2 foot long pvc pipe,

three 1 inch wide caps for the pipes,

a three way connector for the 1 inch wide pvc,

a 1/4 inch bolt that's about 1 inch long,

And lastly something as a counter balance.

Step 2: Building It

First, cut the PVC pipe into three pieces two being 6 inches long and one 10 inches long.

Then, Drill a 1/4 inch wide hole in one of the PVC caps.

Then put the 1/4 inch bolt into the hole and secure it in place.

After this, connect the two 6 inch pieces to the three way connector in the shape of a right angle.

Next, cap off on end of the 10 inch long PVC pipe and fill it with your counter-balance.

After this connect it to the three way with the other two pipes and seal the last two pipes off with caps and use the cap with a bolt on it on the 6 inch PVC pipe running parallel to the 10 inch long one.

Lastly if you want you can spray paint it a different color, but after the last step your pretty much done!



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    2 years ago

    good work making it out of PVC, it would be a lot easier than using cast iron pipe.

    BTW this design first appeared in 2000 from this guy: