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After years of living next to an empty lot construction began this month. My main concern being visual and aesthetic I decided to build a burm. I couldn't find good information about building one so had an idea that has been working great.

Step 1: The Structure

To gain body and prevent premature shrinking of the burm I started with solid yard refuse. Old logs, limbs, the occasional pallet.

Step 2: Covering the Structure

Once a decent structure has been built and secured by interweaving branches or anything you can together, start taking leaves and dumping them ontop. This quickly blocks all visuals from the other side of the burm. To keep leaves in place cover them with sticks. This helps secure everything in windy conditions.

Step 3: Completion

After a few layers of leaves and sticks my burm was above my head. In the last month or two I've lost less than a foot of height. In some spots it's strong enough to walk over ankle deep. Check with your local codes, I built mine about 10 ft from my property line to avoid conflict.

Thanks for looking!
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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    way to improvise. Looks good?


    2 years ago

    Did you mean "berm"? You can find information about building berms on the net:


    2 years ago

    This sounds like you are working your way to a hugelkultur garden. Looks good.