Bulls Light

This is easy to do all you need is
Jig saw
Power drill
Finished nails
Wooden Drill bit
Paint: bull black,bull red and white
Liquid nails
caulk gun

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Step 1: Template

Draw the template any size you wish or Google search I did my own template. I only draw one side because it's the same on both sides that way it's identical. Trace it then flipped it over.

Step 2: Cutting

I traced the whole thing it on 1/4 plywood the whole . Then cut the forehead and mouth and the black from the mouth on 3-4 plywood. To give it a 3D like look. I used a jig saw to cut it out and liquid nail to hold it then sand and paint it

Step 3: Paint

Just do your best to paint it

Step 4: Add Light

You can add any rope light or LED light to the back and a hook to hold it up

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